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Thai Website: Enjoy Thai Movies

Over recent years, Thai movies have been performing well in both Asia and around the world such as Europe and America. This is probably mainly due to the popularity of Thai movies such as Ong Bak and Suriyothai. At some of our websites in the Paknam Web Network we started to notice that a few of our Thai movie reviews were starting to get quite a few hits through the search engines. At the same time, we noted that Thai movies were not only being released on DVD around the world but also being shown on the big screen. As we have an interest in Thai movies and movies about Thailand, we decided that we would launch www.EnjoyThai Movies.com. Here we post information, pictures and trailers of new Thai movies the week that they are released here in Thailand. Visitors to the site can also leave reviews once they have watched the movie.

Website: http://www.enjoythaimovies.com

Thai Website: Temple in the Sea

Many of the websites in the Paknam Web Network are non-commercial. We don’t make them to make any money but do them as a hobby site. Basically we make them as they are subjects that we are personally interested in. If we wanted to make loads of money then we would do websites on the bar girl scene. The www.khunsamut.com is a good example of a small site that we spend a lot of time on. It started in order to publicize the plight of the people of Ban Khun Samut in Samut Prakan province who over the years had to move their homes five or six times due to the encroaching sea and land erosion. Only the temple remains in its original position and is surrounded by the sea at high tide. We have been back to Khun Samut quite a few times to do updates. We have also volunteered to teach at the local school in our freetime. Khun Samut is not your average tourist attraction as a lot of effort is needed to go there. There are no roads and you have to rent a boat and then walk for about 30 minutes along the side of shrimp farms. But, if you do make the effort to go then they are very happy to see you.

Website: http://www.khunsamut.com

Thai Website: Bangkok and Thailand Scams

A few people have sometimes accused us of only looking at Thailand through rose-coloured glasses. This might be because all of the websites in the Paknam Web Network are family friendly. We also don’t allow discussion of the bar girl scene which some people misinterpret as whitewashing or sweeping under the carpet unsightly warts. However, none of this is true. We try to tell it the way it is by being fair to both sides. One of our hard hitting sites about Thailand is our www.BangkokScams.com. The Lonely Planet guidebook calls it “forewarned is forearmed” which is exactly our intention. Scams happen the world over and Thailand is no different. What we intend to do is give a rundown of the most common scams in Thailand in order to help people be more street savvy. Visitors to the website can also submit their own accounts of when they were scammed or post comments on scams already being discussed. In addition, there are support groups and tips for people who were hurt by the Thai Gem Scam and want to try and get their money back. This is possible and you need to follow the advice on the website.

Website: http://www.bangkokscams.com

Thai Website: Thai Blog Search

If you want to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings in Thailand or need to do some research on a particular aspect of Thai life or culture, then try our popular website at www.ThaiBlogSearch.com. As well as giving a list of all the latest articles published in the best blogs about Thailand, you can also search the archives of these blogs to find something that you may have missed. As well as our own selected list of latest articles, you can see some similar lists produced by a Google blog search. These are automatically updated throughout the day so that there is always something fresh every time that you visit. As an extra bonus, click on the banner at the top and it will take you to “Thai News Search”. Here you will see the latest feeds from the English language press in Thailand and a Google new search for Thai news stories. In addition, you can search the archives of selected news websites based in Thailand. Like many of our wesbites, you will find that www.ThaiBlogSearch.com has no advertising. We are also pleased to allow people to use it for free.

Website: www.ThaiBlogSearch.com is a member of Paknam Web Network.

Thai Website: Thai Travel Blogs

The aim for www.thaitravelblogs.com is to give you ideas of what to do during your next visit to Thailand. We have reports on all the latest travel destinations as well as festivals and events. In the old days, people just relied on guidebooks to help them plan their holidays. Unfortunately, these are often a year out of date as soon as they hit the bookshops. With the Thai travel blogs you will be able to see pictures and information about all of the latest attractions we visit and also events that we attend. The blogs are automatically updated every day with the latest articles that we post in all the online guidebooks that we publish. This is another of our websites in the Paknam Web Network that doesn’t have any advertising.

Website: www.thaitravelblogs.com is a member of Paknam Web Network.