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Bangkok Mega Bridge Walk

The number “nine” in Thailand is regarded by all Thai people as an auspicious number. The date yesterday was 9.9.49 which made it a good day to do something special. So, all around Bangkok and the country, events were organized … Continue reading

Mega Bridge in Samut Prakan

Back in February 2005 and June 2005 I wrote in my blogs about the new mega bridge that was being built across a loop in the Chao Phraya River. It is a massive project because the bridge will cross the … Continue reading

Bangkok’s Mega Bridge Updates

Back in February, I told you about the Mega Bridge project that is taking place between Samut Prakan and Bangkok. This will be the first bridge that crosses the river in Samut Prakan. Actually, it crosses it twice as the … Continue reading

The Mega Bridge in Bangkok

I took some pictures last week to show you the progress of the Mega Bridge that will eventually cross the Chao Phraya River – twice! As you can see from the picture below, the bridge will be 51 metres high … Continue reading

Puchaosamingphrai and other Forts in Phra Pradaeng

One of the historical legacies of Samut Prakan Province are the Fortresses along the river from the Gulf of Thailand all the way up to Bangkok. At various times through history, going back as far as the Ayutthaya period, there … Continue reading