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The Sea Almonds of Jomtien Beach

By the time Pattaya Beach had been crowded by the late 1980s, close by, Jomtien Beach was being developed in to a fashionable resort. Most of the buildings near the beach were new. By the marine road on the sands, … Continue reading

Who wants a “Beautiful Asian Bride”?

Paul’s latest story on Thai-Blogs popped up on my RSS feed. Naturally, I took a minute off work at hand and dropped in to read. At the end of the article, I found a surprise. I know Paknam Web has … Continue reading

Good Thai Blogs from the Past – 09

View from the Megabridge that crosses the Chao Phraya River twice This year is continuing to be a good one with some excellent blogs about Thailand from our regulars and guest writers. is now firmly regarded as the number … Continue reading

Road trip to Pattaya

After a few days in the central countryside I was informed that we were off on a road trip to Pattaya. An overnight trip to the seaside is some sort of family tradition at this time of year. So in … Continue reading