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Return to Khun Samut School

In early July 2008, I shared with you some shocking pictures of the Ban Khun Samut School where the buildings had collapsed into the canal. I have written about this community a number of times. This is the place where … Continue reading

Ban Khun Samut School

My favourite community in Samut Prakan Province is Ban Khun Samut Chin in Laem Fapha District. I have been going there every month since July. The village is located along the coastline of the Gulf of Thailand. Half of it … Continue reading

Wat Khun Samut

Wat Khun Samut where the floor has been raised half way The total distance from the boat jetty where we started our walk to the temple was 1,644 metres. As we arrived at the temple the first structures we passed … Continue reading

Bangkok Day Trips: Temple in the Sea

My Bangkok Day Trip for this week is two locations in Samut Prakan Province. Although you can still see the skyscrapers in Bangkok from these places, it is very unlikely that you will meet any other foreigner on this trip. … Continue reading

Then and Now in Samut Prakan

A good way to explore an area is by using Google Earth. I have personally discovered some interesting places by analysing satellite images. So, I was really pleased to hear that Google had updated the satellite images for a large … Continue reading