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Lusty Ladyboy Monk Forced to Flee

(Below is a rough translation of a report in the Khao Sod newspaper on 8 Feb)

Former ladyboy monk (abbot) Je Dao of Sri Boon Reung temple in the northern province of Lamphun, has quickly and quietly disrobed.

In ladyboy circles, Je Dao had become well-known for changing into a skirt and bra and sneaking out at night to discotheques. On top of that debauchery, Je Dao was known to sleep around with commoner gays.

Je Dao had very recently come under the suspicions of locals who, alongside a female student, informed the cops of the truly immoral behaviour of a monk who takes medicine to grow breasts, goes out at night and enjoys having gay sex. Je Dao had found out that he was under investigation and so quickly disrobed and fled the temple on the morning of the 7th February.

According to some other locals though, Je Dao has their full support and they feel proud of their former breasted ladyboy monk who didn’t quite live up to the expectations of an orange robed-one. According to Je Dao (newly-named Titsaman) in a confidential interview said “I am going to go and work in America within a couple of months”. (as in ‘work’ Je Dao used the Thai words ‘hah kin’ which can also be translated as ‘work as a prostitute’).

Phra Kalaya the monk who conducted the ‘leaving the monkhood ceremony’ said that he it was only his duty. He promised he had no idea of any hidden agenda of Je Dao’s.

Deputy Head of the Lamphun Sangha said that this kind of matter did not shed good light on Lamphun’s temples. In fact, it is even worse than usual stories like this because Lamphun is located in the historically religious Lanna region.

He went on to say that if commoners knew of any other sin-loving monks like Je Dao to inform the local Sangha Committee immediately.

Selling Sex on the Net – Direct Sales

(The following is a rough/brief translation of the leading article in the Thai Raj newspaper, 31 Jan)

(Example edited pic on

No pimps, no mamasangs – Thai university students, office women and highschool girls sell their bodies directly on the Internet on two of Thailand’s most popular websites and especially the social networking website

What the young ladies do is simply post a profile of themselves, picture and of course the costs. Most common of all are university students (or claiming to be) who post a photo of themselves in their uniform. An official we spoke to from the Ministry of Culture explained that the university pin/badge on the ladies’ uniforms is often very distinguishable. The targeted market is randy men, young and old.

Not just young women, men also sell their bodies directly on Hi5 and MThai, usually they post a comment which reads ‘massage & excitement – for just 1,000 Baht!’ Their targeted market is both gay men and lonely women.

Selling sex on the Internet like this is a brand-new method – same as direct sales; no pimps and no mamasangs – and so, the young ladies get to keep all the money themselves.

Most of the offending part-time prostitutes woo their potential customers by posing not just in tight and skimpy university outfits, but also highschool uniforms, cute college wear and even sexy office attire.

Another strategy the girls use is sending emails and private messages via Internet forums and web-boards; the girls then hope that the recipients will next ‘forward mail’.

One of our reporters recently decided to check for himself whether this new kind of prostitution really did exist. The first email he opened included all the girl’s vital statistics, prices, services available and the mandatory photo. Her name was Nong Fah, 21 years of age, 32-24-35, 167cm, 50km and charged 1,500 a fling (exclusive of love motel room). She was an office worker. Interested clients had to transfer half the fee to her bank account first and the next half on the day of servicing.

The next 2 emails he got were pics of university uniform clad students called Nong Bow and Nong Nam. Nong Bow charged 1,500 baht short-time or 3,000 all night, while Nong Nam charged 2,000 per bout. Both girls offered virtually all the sexual services under the sun but the wearing of a condom was compulsory.

When we spoke to Pol Lt Col. Sawat Phakdee about the matter, he stated that this was totally illegal and against the prostitution criminal code of 1996. Offenders could be fined a maximum of 500 baht and charged with running an illegal business. He asked that educational institutes, families and the cops work together to clampdown on direct sales sex. In fact, the police and the ICT have already started blocking the illegal pages and apprehending some of the girls.

Miss Ladda Tangsuphachai from the Ministry of Culture told us that they had already found more than 1,000 girls selling sex on the Internet, mainly so-called students. She said the average prices were between 1,500-3,000 depending on length of time and servicing (international program students were more expensive).

Miss Ladda went on to say that the money earned was spent on school fees, room rents, mobile phones and cars.

Randy Professor Caught in the Act

Police in the north-eastern province of Ubon Ratchathani have opened a case against a randy university professor for supposedly trying to give one of his 3rd year art students (Miss Noi) some private oral tuition in exchange for better grades. After the victim reported the attempted so-called molest to the cops, the hell-belly cops rode straight to scene (author’s notes: after a few hours that is) to hopefully find the professor in the act (literally) in his office. Instead of finding him having it off with one of his sweet students, he was instead found to be in complete remorse crying over a bottle of beer smoking a cigarette and looking completely stressed out. What was exceptionally embarrassing for the professor was that his wife, another lecturer at the institute came running in to see what the criminal commotion was all about. One can only guess she wasn’t too chuffed when she was asked to witness the victim acting out a re-enactment of the attempted juicy incident (hopefully not with the professor himself that is).

More tears came when he found out the student had secretly video-taped his latest escapades on camera which clearly show him trying to force her to get on her knees and enjoy a banana shake. More embarrassment is to come when he finds out that the naughty homemade video has been watched more by Thais than the Euro 2008 cup final.

According to fellow witnesses, friends of Miss Noi, it seems the randy professor has had a long history of offering ‘good sex for good grades’, and ‘excellent grades for a bit of ‘doggy over the desk’. The dean of the university was quoted as saying that he would take the matter extremely serious and take disciplinary action against the professor and any students who have been known to have taken up the randy professor’s offer in the past.

Parents have been up in arms these few months at the unprecedented amount of ‘good sex for good grades’ cases and have asked the Ministry of Education to determine whether or not such a policy is or is not part of the education system.

The Great ‘Loy Krathong’ Myth!

(A girl dressed as the founder of Loy Krathong, the legendary Nang Noppamas. A legend she really is. Noppamas was in fact, the leading character in a nineteenth century novel)

Beyond a doubt, Loy Krathong is Thailand’s most beautiful festival. Thais and foreigners alike are taught that Loy Krathong originated something like 700 years ago in the northern province of Sukhothai. We are also meant to believe that the person who discovered this tradition was a King’s consort named Nang Noppamas; that she was the first person to make a kratong and float it.

Unfortunately however, there is no evidence whatsoever that Loy Krathong dates back to the era of King Ramkhamhaeng and Sukhothai. That is because it really is all legend, one supposedly completely made up at the end of the nineteenth century by the Department of Fine Arts.

What proof there is however and there is a lot of it, is that the Loy Kratong festival originated from the Loy Khom festival. According to the evidence available, Loy Khom (Float the lantern) surfaced in the mid eighteenth century during the Ayutthaya era and was probably based on a very similar festival which had already begun in Nakhorn Thom in Cambodia. The first person to seriously write about the Loy Khom festival was in fact a foreigner named ‘Lu Lubber’ or something like that (unsure of the transliteration from Thai to English). In contrast to the legend taught, he wrote that the Loy Khom festival was held mid-way through Buddhist Lent and not on the 12th Full month (unlike Loy Krathong in its present form). And unlike the Loy Krathong festival of now, Loy Khom was celebrated for several days to several weeks. What is the same though, is that the Loy Khom festival was a thanksgiving to the Goddess of Water and possibly the Buddha.

A water khom certainly looked different to a present day krathong. They came in various sizes from very small to huge and in them were only lanterns, there were no candles or incense sticks – those were recent innovations!

Now, one of the nicest Loy Krathong festivities is the Nang Noppamas beauty contest which is to pay homage to the one and only Mrs Noppamas, the founder of Loy Krathong, a king’s consort. Again, there is absolutely no historical evidence that Noppamas even existed, and she didn’t. Mrs Noppamas was instead the leading character of a novel released during the nearing of the reign of King Rama III – around 1850. Her character was written as guidance for all women who wished to become civil servants. Prince Damrong Rajanubhap, Thailand’s most influential historian, petitioned the government several times during his exile in Penang to revert Loy Krathong back to its original Loy Khom format and to also educate the people about the truth of Noppamas. His advice was simply ignored.

Several Thai language books concerning the truth history of Loy Krathong have been released over the past few decades, but the Ministry of Education have disallowed them in their Thai history classes. Recently, a few academics have attempted again to encourage the truth to be taught and have continually asked the Ministry of Culture to promote the real facts. They have adamantly asked that Thai school history books be re-written and explain that Noppamas really was just a legend. The Ministry of Culture have failed to even listen to their claims and turned a blind eye. But, as one academic put it, if the truth was taught, then Thailand as a country would….. ‘lose face’.

Steve’s views: I never did believe the legend about Sukhothai and Noppamas anyway and so i’m not too sure whether these academics should make such a big rant about the truths to be taught. What i found ironic, was also all the fuss Prince Damrong made, as it was he himself who invented the story of King Naresuan’s great battle taking place at Don Chedi in Suphanburi. He also wrote and published a lot of other rubbish. All in all though, it does however prove yet again, how much of the Thai history taught at schools is just clearly made-up.

Source: The Thai language Manager newspaper.

The Thai Youth & Online Chat

(The following blog is a brief translation of an article published today in the ‘Scoop Page’ section of the Thai language Daily News newspaper.)

“I know it’s risky but i like it”

Last week, a whole load of different folk from all walks of life got together for a seminar on technology and communications and ‘Youth & Problems’. They agreed that regardless to whether it’s the telephone or Internet, the information which can be exchanged is extremely worrisome. Most hazardous of all however, according to them, was the ‘chatline’ phenomenon.

It was stated by many grown-ups at the seminar that ‘Chatlines = Danger’and they felt that chatlines were terribly dangerous for girls, in particular. “Girls may be deceived, cheated and coaxed into having sex with a complete stranger”

But, we at the Daily News wanted to hear from the youth, on this issue of supposed danger and what they really thought. Well, to them ‘chatlines’ are simply fun and convenient. They are a great way to make loadsa of new friends, relax and escape from the world around them. They feel a sense of freedom on chatlines.

For those who look for boyfriends or girlfriends on ‘chatlines’ they may be in for a nasty surprise though, if they themselves aren’t good-looking. It seems that boys who chat, only want to do so with beautiful girls. And as for the girls, they only like to converse with handsome guys.

One group of female university students we spoke to, said “Chatlines save money, they are cheap. We can make friends and if our friend is a foreigner, we can also practice our English language skills”

But, another group of university girls had this to say “Chatlines can be dangerous if you place too much trust in someone you have never known before. Girls may be cheated into having sex, getting robbed or even murdered. Other folk on chatlines sell drugs, pimp prostitutes or enjoy ‘sex on the phone’. And not forgetting some people who are very vulgar, rude and use explicit language”.

One forth year university girl told us “I like chatlines because I can escape from reality, use my imagination and be someone totally different. It’s all a bit of fun – I have no intentions whatsoever of ever wanting to meet chatfriends in real life. Chatting helps me relax and be less stressed-out. Then, if I have friends upcountry in the provinces, it’s far cheaper for me to chat online than it is by telephone”

Well, instead of just getting girls’ points of views on chatlines, we decided to hunt done a couple of young guys for their thoughts on the matter.
Mr Witsanu, a 21 year-old went on “ I think a lotta people who chat online are a bit lonely, they want to have friends, exchange opinions. They would like to meet all different types of folk, from all sectors of society. On the other hand though, it is possible that they be maybe fooled because of their naivety. Personally speaking, I think chatlines are quite nonsense, a way of escaping from society. It is also possible to fall victim to deceptive people, I mean it’s not easy to trust anyone in this day in age”

Another guy we interviewed Mr Narong, 25, wanted us to know “In concerns to chatlines, chatters ought to be split into two different categories – those between the ages of 18-25 and those 25+. Most men between the age of 18-25 who go on chatlines, only do so to find new girlfriends and get free sex. But for guys over the age of 25, they enjoy chatlines because they get the chance to share opinions, experiences and swap knowledge etc… They know how to use their brains.

All in all though, we found that most youngsters see chatlines as a ‘useful tool’ but yes, they were a little dangerous.

(This article may or may not represent my own personal views or those of other bloggers at
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