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Sunflower Field Sightseeing

Around winter, it is the most suitable time to make a trip to see the beautiful color of flowers. I am going to talk about visiting to Sunflower filed where locates at Saraburi province. It does not far from Bangkok so we can make one-day trip. At this time, there are many sunflower fields waiting for your visitation and admiration.

Normally, the sunflower festival will starts around August to January. Most of Thai tourist may set their visitation plan around December because we have many holidays within this month and the weather is very good.

Tip for sunflower field trip is making a trip in the early morning so that you won’t get burnt under the intense sunshine. We arrived at Saraburi around noon and we drove along the road just to find sunflowers field.

Finally, we found the field where we can see sunflowers in every sight and behind the field there are mountains. Feeling the sunshine and the sunflower were standing straightly and challenged the sun. Look upon the bright beautiful sky above the mountains and sense the smell of dry soil. It was a beautiful sunny day. We can feel the winter wind blew sometimes. Overall scenery look like someone’s painting. Just the two of us were surrounding by the yellowish sunflowers. How beautiful it is!

sunflower field

After enjoying with the beautiful sunflowers, my husband wanted to see waterfall. There is a famous waterfall in Saraburi, that is “Little Seven-girl Waterfall”, in Thai we call “Namtok Jed Sao Noi” – “Namtok means waterfall, “Jed” means seven, “Sao” means girl and “Noi” means little, few or young. On that day, it was very crowded and we can find many people in every place. As I noticed there were many kids swum with their enjoyment. Parents sat on the mat, ate foods and watched their kids. So it is fine for some families who intend to take their families for having a one-day trip and enjoy the waterfall. We just took a look at the waterfall and went back to our car. My husband was a bit disappointing because he think the waterfall should be higher and more beautiful than this (where should be “Tee Lor Su” waterfall at Maehong son Province).

At Saraburi, you can find “Curry Puff” shops along the street. It is very famous snack and it seems to be Saraburi’s symbol. Nowadays, there are various kind of flavors of curry puff such as bean, chicken, beef and so on. Moreover, you can see the vineries here and taste it in a variety of production i.e. vine, grape puff, grape juice and so on. Moreover, you can visit to the ostrich farm in order to see the real ostrich and perhaps you can taste the ostrich steak (if you like).