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A very different Mother’s Day

This entry poured out of me when I blogged at my newest joint over at the Nation last night, titled “Death Becomes Her”. I originally was going to rant about Thai hospitals and healthcare systems but it turned into something else. Together with the fact at that today August 12 is Thailand’s Mother’s Day, I figure I drop that here to share with my other blog family as well.

Happy Mother’s Day.


My mom is in Thailand, lying in a hospital bed, dying of cancer.

There. Now that’s out.

2 years ago, my mother had an operation to remove a golf ball sized tumor from her lung. It was cancer. She doesn’t smoke.

The surgeon proclaimed that he got all of the cancer out of her (along with almost half of her lung) and therefore she did not need chemotherapy. The oncologist protested, but being the younger doctor, he had to “respect the elders” and agreed with the surgeon.

America is no shining example of healthcare systems, but as far as I know, not following up a cancer surgery with a chemotherapy or radiation is almost unheard of. (That’s right. I am taking out my anger on this surgeon. I don’t even know his name. And frankly, I don’t want to know.)

And what is this business of respecting your elders? You are the oncologist, not him. You don’t tell him how to do surgery. But of course, being the junior doctor, you can’t possibly speak up. Someone’s life is at stake, but apparently people’s lives come and go and you first need to save your career. I understand. Anyway, I digress.

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Another Thai girl myth busted

So you’re settling in with the relationship with your Thai girl whose long flowing hair you adore.

Be warned that with the sexy hair comes a demon that will haunt you for the rest of your days with your Thai woman.

Do you really know what you’re getting yourself into?

Do ya, punk?

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Call me crazy

I never thought about it until today.

How can one be assessed for mental illness or disorder like depression and anxiety in a country where it is in our culture to keep everything private and to not bother anyone else?

Could a Thai goes to therapy be completely honest?

Hey, OakMonster! What on earth possess you to ask those questions?

Why, dear reader, a recent diagnose for my mom’s condition is what brought on such insight, of course!


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Get it right, dammit

Hi. Not quite back from unintended hiatus. Heck, let’s be honest. I hit a major writer’s block, okay? It’s not like there’s a viagra for that or anything.

But, just a quick rant on the general clueless-ness of people.


“So, you’re from where?”


“Ah. That’s cool. So, does all THAILANDESE speak English?”

“Not all THAIS speak it, but I learned early.”


“Hey, Oakley, can you read what that says?”

“Um. That’s Chinese.”

“Oh. THIGH people don’t read Chinese?”

“No. THAI people read Thai.”

“But aren’t you a part of China?”

“That’s TAIWAN.”

“So, Thais don’t read Chinese?”

“Not everybody does.”


“Muay THIGH. Isn’t that like the number one sport in your country?”

“Muay THAI *is* our national sport.”

“So…it’s the most popular sport in your country?”

“No. That would be probably be soccer.”

“But that’s everywhere.”

“Um. Duh. We do have soccer in Thailand too.”


So, what do we learn here?

Thailand is pronounced TAI-land, not THIGH-land (…as much as some of you think it is). *Addition* Here. Read my Thai Pronunciation Guide and get educated.

People of Thailand are Thais, not Thailandians, Thailandese, Thailanders (too much Highlanders for you?) or THIGHanything.

Thailand is NOT Taiwan. Two different countries.

Muay Thai is our national sports. And I’m not afraid to use it on you to cure your ignorance.

Disclaimer: I understand not everyone is well-versed about the cultures of the world. Heck, if you ask me about South Africa or Norway I wouldn’t be able to properly address that either. And I am sure all of you have experienced this kind of ignorance in some way. It’s the folks who really don’t know but yet try to correct YOU about your own culture. That is when it gets a tad bit annoying.

(But seriously. “Thailandese”? Where did you pull that one out from? Hahah!)

*Another addition inspired by BUCKY’s comment* Go ahead and share what type of misconception type thing you’ve heard about your own country. Oh, I don’t know, perhaps “You’re from Amsterdam? Must be nice to smoke weeds all the time, huh?” You know what I mean? Okay. Spill it.

Lighter Side of the Coup II

Take that, press army!

//Photo by Sakol Sandhiratne

From the Nation:

Gen Sonthi Boonyaratglin, leader of the military council, tries to flick football past an opponent player in a friendly match between Defence Ministry officers and the media on Wednesday.

Imagine the conversation bubble over “Sonthi Beckham”‘s head…

“Take THAT, press army!”

Wow. How appropriate, huh? 😉

Talk about importance of photo journalism for Thai press!