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Thai Food Signs 01

I have some more pictures for you to decipher. This time on the theme of Thai Food. When you are in Thailand you will find many food stalls by the side of the road. One way to see what is on the menu is to look at the food other patrons are eating. However, a better way would be to read the signs which will save you a lot of time. (You can learn how to read Thai for free in our sister site at

(1) This is one of my popular street food stalls though since the bird flu scare there are not so many around these days. Do you know what they are selling?

(2) This is a popular dish yet very simple. As you can see, it only costs 10 baht!

(3) Again, this is another of my favourites. If you cannot read the sign then look out for the mortar and pestle! The last word in Thai says “aroi” which means “delicious”.

(4) The last one for today is not really one of my favourite foods but you will see this sign everywhere. My students like this one very much.

If you think you know what food is being sold then click on “comments” and let us know! You don’t need to register to leave a comment.

Thai Signs with Prices

Today I want to share some pictures with you on the subject of prices. Although you can usually survive a holiday here in Thailand with limited or no language skills, it is helpful if you can learn some Thai. Obviously, the more you learn, the better off you will be.

(1) This first one is for a drink. It is actually the same drink. But different styles. I will give you a clue. The Thai word is “chaa”.

(2) The next one is also for drinks. But, this time not “chaa”.

(3) This third opne is slightly different. If you can read a little Thai, you might spot a key word that is “nam”. This means water. But don’t be fooled. This is not a drink. Unless you pay for your drinks by the hour!

(4) The final sign is an important one if you are hungry. The questions is, what can you dofor 80 baht?

Answers: (1) These are different kinds of tea (2) the first one is a glass of probably fizzy drink, the second one some water, the third one a can and the final one a beer (3) This is advertising a peddle boat, 30 minutes and one hour (4) Buffet breakfast – all you can eat – is only 80 baht.

Signs in Ayutthaya

I thought I would share with you some pictures of signs I took on my recent trip to Ayutthaya. I usually carry my camera around with me all the time and if I see a good bilingual sign I take a picture for Gor to use at

(1) This first one I found at the entrance to a temple. What do you think it says?

(2) This second one has some English but it still isn’t clear what the Thai means? Can you guess?

(3) The third one was found in a parking lot. This is part of an advertising campaign which they often run over the new year.

(4) The last one is a bit tricky. Can you spot the mistake?

Answers: (1) Please take off your shoes, (2) Don’t climb up (on the wall), (3) Don’t drink and drive, (4) The sign should say Food and drink.