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Here goes nuthin..

Well I have my ticket and I am all packed up. I leave in 6 hours. I have snacks for the plane, records of recent immunizations, towels, deet, prescriptions, and everything else I can think of. I am so excited-nervous my stomach has been pissed for two days! I have been up for 22 hours now so that I may sleep on the plane. I woke up at 4 o’clock this morning and it’s 2am now. My plane leaves at eight and goes to Atlanta, then Seoul, and finally to Bangkok. 21 hours in a plane, 6 layover hours, and a 12 hour time difference. I can’t wait!
The next post you will receive from me will be in Thailand!!!

3 & 1/2 weeks

Well I am leaving in, can you guess? 3 and 1/2 weeks!!! I had to have surgery on my sinuses on Sept 9th and I am feeling quite well thank you but due to some meds I had to take before hand I have not been able to begin vaccinations. I am a little concerned, I wanted Typhoid, Hep A, Rabies, and tetanus at least. Most places recommend starting 4-6 weeks but due to mitigating circumstances I couldn’t.
Also getting concerned about visas. I can’t apply for a non-immigrant visa until I have a company to back me and I can’t find a company to back me till I have a work visa, makes sense right? Hopefully they won’t even ask and I will make a visa run when I have to. Still working on this conundrum, will let you know what happens.
SO far got the passport, tickets, booked a hotel for a week while I settle and look for work, have begun collecting amenities like adapters and light clothing, and got a great digital cam and laptop ready to go! Still have a bit to do but at least a few things are getting crossed off the list now.

Tattos and Lychee fruit

Let me just say that totally by accident I found out that a restaurant (that I LOVE) has Lychee fruit. Granted, they aren’t fresh I think they are canned but that was my very first taste of things to come in Thailand. They taste like a cross between a tart orange (or if you’ve had it, and ugli fruit) and a coconut. It was so good! It looked like a little white olive but was sweet and tart at the same time. I am a big fruit eater and now I CAN”T WAIT to try all the fruits I see pictures of – rambutans, fresh lychee, jackfruit, and yes I might even try a durian. My ears even perked up a little when I saw a blog pic (I can’t remember who’s sorry) of a dragon fruit. I wanted to lick my computer screen, it made me so hungry. That and the fact that tom yam gung is only my favoritest soup EVER! I am raring to go eat some street vendor food!

Do I really need to say how much I am chomping at the bit to shop the Chatuchak Market?

In other news- I made a comment in an earlier post (yesterday) about a tattoo and was surpised by the amount of attention it got. I didn’t think anyone would comment on it. I guess that’s because I underestimate constantly the amount of affection many have for their ink. I was greatly disappointed to learn that as a woman there was really no way for me to get a sacred tattoo as monks would not be able to touch me in anyway BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t still get one. Once I get it I will post a pic of it too!

I want to go to one of Jimmy Wong’s studios but as of yet I am not sure which one. I am certainly going to try and go to the tattoo festival in Bangkok if I can find out when and where it is. I just hope I am there for it. Until then…

I have my ticket!

For those of you that have been following my (recently infrequent) blog. I have my ticket to Bangkok in my hand right this second (yes it is harder to type with a plane ticket in your hand) I haven’t been able to let it out of my sight since I got it. (Is it wrong to fondle a paper ticket?)
I am extremely excited and still working on my Thai, I am a little more than a little intimidated by the tonal languages. Wish me luck! Will keep you posted!

Getting closer…

I took my first step towards really picking up and going. I know this may sound silly but I am excited to report that I turned in my 60 day notice at my apartment complex and job. They know that I will be leaving the country for 6 months – 1 year and I have a list of vaccinations that I can’t start getting till middle of next month. I still dont know where I will be working or living but that’s ok. It’s a little scary but all part of the adventure!! I did finally get a laptop and a digital cam gift certificate that I have to redeem so I will have pics of bangkok when Im there.