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Cowardly Military Junta

Whilst proudly being feted (with his wife of course) by the Burmese military. I wonder if Thai General Boonsrang spared a thought for the truely elected leader of Myanmar, AUNG SANG SU CHI?
Did he even have the guts to question the way his Burmese General “buddies” are treating this gracious lady.I read now that the Burmese Generals have decided to charge her with illegal tax evasion just because she has told her sons who live abroad, to spend the money awarded to her outside of Burma. Shame on these dictators and their sniveling “flunkies” from other countries who honor them with “pat on the back” red carpet visits!
No one should be surprised how Thailand’s new leaders were feted in Burma. They are all cut (Thailand’s new leaders and the Burmese leaders) from the same cloth. Anti democratic dictators one and all.
Thailand’s military and privy counsel cohorts destroy a legally democratically elected government and pretend they are our saviors. Soon they will expect us to accept that Pigs can fly.