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What type of Thai girls do farangs like?

Hello all,

Don’t get me wrong.

I didn’t mean to post this blog for that purpose. I just wonder what your type is. I mean I have always wondered why most of Thai guys prefer Chinese/Japanese-looking or half Farang-Thai girls, why not typical Thai girls. Why do Thai girls prefer dark, tall and handsome guys or Farangs? Is it a trend or something? I’d like to hear the aspect of foreigners and also Thais.

In my Northeastern cities such as Buriram and Khon Kaen, I always see Farangs with Isaan ladies who look,to be very frank, less pretty than average. Most of them are short and tanned to dark. Well, I know the sayings “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” or/and “beautiful is only skin deep’ but why most Farangs prefer this type of girls? Is it also a trend?

a Farang Thai couple

In my university, there is a British teacher whose girlfriend is a typical Isaan Thai girl. Once in a class, my fellow students and a Thai professor talked about him and his girlfriend just for fun and she said Farangs had a low taste of women. Hahaha… We all burst out laughing. Just for fun but I deeply agreed with her.:P

I’m sorry if I’ve offended someone. I’m just curious what your type is!

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My dull Sunday in different sights (3/end)

a sunset in Paknam
A spectacular sunset in Paknam

From a well-known shopping mall located in Bang Krapi, I took a shuttle van heading back home. Watching through the window of the van, I still saw nothing pleasant for my eyes. I tried to look outside the van because I didn’t want to see a couple playing sweeting nothing. They would drive me mad!

I didn’t feel like getting home by then. 6:30 PM was too early for me. My day should have ended that soon. The van was about to pull up to drop me in. I thought to myself if I went further to Paknam, I didn’t have to pay more fare. I changed my mind to explore Paknam for the first time. I got there around 7 PM. Walking on the sideways, I saw a glimpse of a spectacular sunset in the edge of the sky behind the buildings a long the street. I wandered around seeking a way to go to a bank of a river. It was the Chao Praya River, though. This was my first time to see a mouth of the river with a sunset. What a beautiful sight!

While enjoying taking some beautiful pictures of the sunset, I heard little voices around there. I looked around to see where the voice came from and my eyes caught with two little girls singing in their ways. Once they noticed me, they walked to my way and asked if I was a journalist. I wish I were. Being a journalist is one of my dream careers. One of the girls called me ‘น้า’ or Aunt. I was shocked right when I heard it. I couldn’t believe I was that old but I had to accept the truth.:P I forgot how old I was. I felt like I was still 18 then.

Having a few words with the girls, I came to knowing that they were from the South. I tried to speak Southern dialect with them as though they and I were from the same area in order to make a closer friendship. It worked! They were way too friendly and talkative, teasing me that I was their brother’s girlfriend. lol I couldn’t accept their kindness. I’m afraid I’m going to have someone for that position soon.

Nan and Sai Rung

The two little girls asked me to photograph them before I left. I managed to put them standing on the right way, told them how to smile like this like that as if I was a professional photographer.:P Actually, I’ve just got my first digicam for 2 weeks.

It was time for me to go back home. It was a pity. I should have come to Paknam instead of wasting my hours in the shopping mall. I said goodbye to the lovely little girls and walked away. I headed to the main street with my half open eyes because I was dead beat of walking all day.

“My Sunday is not that bad but…,” I talked to myself wearily.

Before I could end my sentence, I paused and burst out, “WHERE CAN I GET HOME?!? I don’t live in this area and this is my first time in Paknam!?!”

“HELP! HELP!” This time I said to myself. 😐

My dull Sunday in different sights (2)

I’m back! So what are we up to now? Okay, let’s go back to my dull Sunday.

That afternoon I decided to go to Seacond Square. Even though it is not so far from where I live, it took me about an hour to get there on that dull Sunday. There was nothing interesting. Everything was so boring to me. I watched couples walking by and they even made me feel blue because I was walking alone. Nobody loves me? My mom loves me! Mom and Dad ought to be the ones good children think of.

I thought to myself, “I’d better give my love and care to the right person who never hurts me, who never makes me cry.”

Trying to comfort myself by thinking about my loved folks, I looked for a way out of this place which was full of brainless teenage couples (just a comfort for a single young girl like me…lol). I found a gate linked with a shop called “Just 25.” Everything is 25 baht! How could I just pass it by? I didn’t hesitate to go for a look inside the shop. Just 25 baht…

I walked inside, smiling to all shopkeepers as if I would buy all their goods and I thought to myself, “Okay, my budget is 50 baht.” And I kept smiling to everyone in the shop, hiding my blue Sunday inside (from dull to blue now).

“Mom, Mom, Mom…,” I muttered softly to myself. Walking around the shop for a while, I found something white catching my eyes. Something like a small bunch of white flowers. They were artificial jasmines! Suddently, I repeated the words “Jasmine-Mother-Jasmine-Mother-Jasmine-Mother” again and again. And “Mother’s day” finally slipped off from my lips. This is going to be a good opportunity to impress my mom. It’s been years I have never shown my affection to her even after finishing my university and spending some time with her. Then I decided to get her a lovely gift with the lovely words “I love you, Mom.” on it.

I got one thing for my mom, then another ought to be for myself. 😀 I found a wooden photo frame which could put on 2 small pictures. I picked it with a thought that I would put one picture of mine and one of someone special on the frame. Perfect!

Holding these 2 things carefully after critically choosing the best ones, I walked to the counter to pay for them. I handed out a 100-baht bank note to a cashier and walked out of the shop happily with my gifts.

“Khun, Khun…50 baht kha! Your change,” shouted the cashier behind me.

I picked up the change embarrasingly with a shy smile and hurriedly walked away from that area as fast as possible. My head went blank. It was not only my dull and blue Sunday, but it was also my bad hair day.

A shopping mall with brainless teenage couples

Just 25
Everything is 25 baht

For my Mom with love
For my loving Mom

To be continued…

My dull Sunday in different sights (1)

A dull Sunday in town
A dull Sunday in town

Having been stood up by a senior friend at work who promised to take me to Pratunam, Bangkok’s shopping center for people from all walks of life, I felt that my Sunday was going to be so boring for me. You know women love shopping. So do I. For a window shopping most of the time, though. I’m not stingy; I just know the value of money I earn and just think over and over before I come to buying something. What should I do? I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth like my Prime Minister’s children. But the pasted Sunday, I did intend to go shopping in Pratunam, not for a window shopping as usual.

I had planned with that senior friend to go shopping a week ahead. She was supposed to take me to Sum Peng and Paohurat as well. I felt happy deeply to have a guide to show me around Bangkok for free of charge since I don’t know Bangkok well even though I’ve been here for 3 months or so. But the beautiful plan had to be put off just one day before the trip came.

I woke up around 1 PM with a headache because some cool movies on HBO kept me up all night. I slept in for a while and got up lazily to take a shower. It was such a dull Sunday, but my feet urged me to go out, say, I couldn’t be a lazy arse sleeping in all day. I looked at my wall clock with my eyes open wide. 15 mins to 3 PM!!! How did my showering consume so much time?

“I still had some time. There was no hurry,” I talked to myself wearily. I was dead wrong. Never say no hurry in Bangkok. You know why.

I am used to living my easy life in upcountries – from Phitsanulok to Uthaithani, Nakornsrithammarat, Buriram, Khon Kaen and Samuprakarn – where people do not struggle to live from hand to mouth much. Of course, poor people still struggle to live their lives, but I don’t think they do hard like those who live in a big city such Bangkok. My life was so nice back then. My life has changed since I started my first career in Bangkok. Actually, in Samutprakarn. I have to get up at 5 AM every morning even though I go to bed after midnight as always. I’m a night owl!

I’ll be right back. My boss is here.

To be continued…