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My granny’s food needs just one ingredient

Last week, I was so so, I mean SO HUNGRY. That day I had dinner quite early that’s why I got so hungry staying up late at night. It was during easter time here and supermarkets and all grocery stores were closed. The only place open 24-7 was gas station’s minimart. But it’s not that close to my house, it was really windy outside, snacks there are usually so expensive and since the economy was a bit under deflation, I told myself I wouldn’t risk.

I went to my kitchen and saw some oranges that I didn’t feel like at the moment, milk that I’m alergic to and a couple of eggs. After thinking for a long time, I remembered my granny gave me something last summer I went back to Thailand. I came to look for it under a huge pyle of crazy stuff on my desk, I finally found it. Right there I saw her letters written so neatly. It’s Thai food recipe. And I saw one menu called Khai-Tun or steamed beaten eggs (I always call it egg pudding cuz it looks like one hehe.) The main ingredient contains of just eggs. Some people might add other things like minced pork, knor powder or chopped onions also. But since the eggs were the only things I got, I would use only them. “That’s it”, I told myself, “I’m finally going to survive!!” And this’ how I did it;

First, I beat those eggs in a mixing bowl. I then added water in a pot (but not too much,just a little, according to my granny.) I put the egg bowl in the middle of the pot and also put the lid on it. I left it like that for a while. Not so long after, I opened the lid and saw some cute eggs blossoming so huge in the bowl hehe. I got it out. Mmm, smelled so nice.

Inspite of my hunger, I ate it slowly cuz I wanted to taste my food with every detail hehe. Coz of the slowness, then I started to imagine those days back in Thailand when our dinner was this Khai-Tun. My granny used to say that whatever we cook inside our own home, even though it’s so simple as this Khai-Tun, is always the best among all. She told me some people even said that if we had to eat out, it’s a lot better just drinking water at home. Sounds like she was boasting a little right? Hehe. That’s what I first thought.

Sometimes mum and I do notice that food granny cooks is not really that spicy like it should have been. But somehow, we always eat it all. And even though it’s the same thing again the next day with the exact same taste, we don’t complain and once again we eat it all.

At the last bite of the eggs I just cooked, my mum’s words appeared in my head like she was telling me once again right here next to me. She once said, “No matter how granny’s food tastes like, it will still alwalys be the best because granny never forgets to put her only ingredient in. And that special ingredient is called love.”

Right, my granny’s food is always full of love. It doesn’t contain contamination like the food out there ready to kill us little by little everyday. And it’s not just food worth 20 or 30 baht a dish like out there. It’s worthless, actually. It’s the food granny wants us to eat when we’ve been tired all day long and might need to fill up some energy. It’s the food that she wants us to be full with so that we would be happy after. It’s the food full of care!

And the recipe written in red ink by herself was also another evidence explaining this. Since she cannot really cook me anymore, she still wants me to be healthy and full like when I was with her. She explains it all in those papers how to cook from Khai-Tun to some complicated curry.

That last bite of my eggs was of course covered with tears. I missed her food and I was touched with that special ingredient she always gave me. She wasn’t boasting, it was the truth. Her food doesn’t taste like those out there in some 5-star restaurants but so what when her food is already the best!

Thank you, granny, your food has brought me up and has filled my tummy everyday. Even though it consists of just one ingredient, that ingredient is worth everything in the world. I’ll never forget your food and what you’ve used in order to cook each time.

My point is, it seems like we don’t really cherish things that much as they are still in front of us. And when they’re no longer there, we miss, we cry and we go crazy like me with my granny’s food. I didn’t really underestimate it before. Worse, I didn’t even stop for a moment to really consider it. I didn’t really know how small things like my granny’s simple egg could worth so much!

Hey readers! Are you ignoring some food with the same ingredient at home at all?

Can I talk about the global warming here?

I ran into one article in the Spanish newspaper this morning talking about the glacial’s melting situation. Since 5000 years ago the rhythm of the melting has been increasing, especially in 2006, there’s a proof observed by The Observer that it was melting the fastest ever. This, and including the unpredictable flood and drought, are clear evidences of a global warming. I’m sure all of us have heard of that loads and loads of times.

Now, what do we do after we hear about it? Criticize, complain and keep on using the air-conditioner and accumulating the huge amount of rubbish like plastic and fome? Don’t deny that, we all do, including me. I’ve heard people complaining how hot it is that they cannot even move nor sleep. I’ve heard of people referring to other people in general that don’t really care to make anything better but making the situation worse. But I’ve also heard of some countries suggesting their citizens to put the amount of their energy’s consumption indicated on the bill each month in the website in order to find out how many trees they should grow for that lost. And I’ve also heard of the Kyoto Protocol like you guys.

Back in Thailand, teachers used to teach us not to create so much rubbish. One person, one piece of rubbish, 60 million from the whole country, 60 million pieces. It’s not just all about waking up one day and find out that we’re covered by trash everywhere, but in that rubbish, there are 90% that won’t disappear easily, even worse, they will give back the effect on our earth like global warming.

Despite all that, we all still act like it’s something distant. Nothing bad would happen that fast. In the article that I read this morning, I was shocked with people’s comments. Everybody came to say like well, if it is to happen, then there’s nothing we can do. Or it started since 5000 years ago and already happened before, then it’s the nature to decide. I mean, yea it’s true that if it’s something natural that it might be a little far too hard for human beings like us to take control of. But, does it mean that we really have to be that indifferent? Weren’t they our ancestors a part of provoking the nature to get this angry? And aren’t they us who are even making it angrier? Aren’t they our children and grandchildren and great grand children to receive the results? I don’t understand how warm-blood animals like human can be this cold.

I, myself, am collecting the seeds from oranges that I eat everyday to plant later. My boyfriend and I donated money to be a part of Green Peace. But I know some must be thinking that what I’m doing with the oranges is so childish and it’s really nothing joining Green Peace since it doesn’t even belong to any government and it doesn’t really have that much of power to really push any project work. However, I’m proud of myself that I’m not really neglecting what’s been happening here.

I just think that it’s the world that gives us food, home, medicine, clothes, knowledge, a place to go visit and etc. And for you guys over here, it´s the world that gives you different types of places in the different part of the world, for example, Thailand. We´ve got the beaches that nowhere else does and the amazing weather like summer all year long. I just think that we should be a little more considerate to the world. A little amount of gratitude won’t cost us anything, will it?

By the way, Thai people like to say that human beings always try to solve the problems when it’s already too late. True. We all learn by heart to solve each problem according to Buddist way but that’s only for the exam, right? cuz later we still don’t do things considering the possible effects in the future. We don’t solve the problems a priori but from the effects themselves. Well, I wanted to write about something else today but somehow reading those comments and realizing human´s reactions made me dissapointed. I know my writing will be forgotten sooner or later just like those facts that the scientists trying to convince us everyday. But at least, I hope somebody else cares a little more about the nature today.

Education, develops or actually destroys?

Have you ever heard of,
“don’t bother getting involved with those people, they are not educated” or
“people of this country are living better because of the better education” or
“education is obligatory for children upto 15 years old”?
In Spanish, when you wanna say that somebody don’t have manners, they even use the word maleducado which means bad-educated. Education must really be highly considered in the society, don’t you think?

And yes, to people in general, education is something holy. It’s necessary if we wanna keep on continuing living in the so-called society. We will always try to get the highest education we can because it’s the education that gives us knowledge, that gives us money and that opens up the gate to the real world for us to realize how it really is.

I’ve heard loads of parents in Thailand teaching their children not to give up their studies, to study hard so that they won’t have to live in the misery in the future and my family is also another example of this. I always wanted to go play sports or draw pictures or whatever I could think of but my mum always stopped me when it came to exams, I had to study first, or else, I would get scolded badly with the bad results.

does education really helps us grow, helps us developed in reality? What about attending the school to compete with other students? Don’t we notice that there are always ranks of the students who have come to the first place with the best marks and the students with little marks hanging down there at the end of the list? After leaving school, we still keep on competing, trying to get promoted in order to gain better amount of money. Coz we’ve always been taught to always compete and get the best thing of us our own selves. What about the endless competition that makes some of us no longer human? We fight and fight for ourselves and forget about those coming behind that may need help. Loads must have thought, “it’s already fair enough that there are people coming behind me so that I could be the first.” What has education done to us?

Moreover, I’ve noticed the increasing number of beggars in the big cities, including Bangkok and Madrid. They sit by the side of the road, people just walk pass by not giving anything, some are even worse, they think that those beggars are just doing the job that is far too easy, that they don’t even show, sing or do anything to exchange the money. Some even think that they are some kind of people who are already rich but just pretending to look miserable to get money easily. I’m sure there are those types, but I don’t think they are like that all of them, but why do we always previously assume that they are all the same since the first place? What if they don’t really have opportunities to work like us? Once again, education has taught us the words, discrimination, rich and poor. Without those words, maybe we wouldn’t even have realized what they meant and we might have considered people around us exactly the same like us and maybe there might be more help popping up back then when those words didn’t exist.

Another aspect of school is that besides theory, students need to gain EQ by practising stuff for example via those clubs provided at school. There are sports club, chess club, cartoon club, etc. What about those who know nothing abt any of those hobbies provided, what should they choose to attend? And the activities like sports day that there need to be cheerleaders, drum-majors and etc. Only good-looking ones can get to be. Isn’t that another discrimination created by the school where is full of the so-called education itself?

Education, actually, isn’t all about school, parents and society are also the important factors of education of one self. Parents never stop telling their children to go study, go compete, never stop complimenting when they get the highest grades and never stop scolding when they skip school. Parents are those who keep on pushing their kids to compete and it’s the parents who like to compliment their children with neighbors to make the neighbors realize that their children are more stupid and they will go push their kids to get up and study, on and on. Society also teaches us that only good-looking people can get to be stars, and in some society, those who look good with elegant suit and beautiful tie can get to be their president. Never blame those girls deciding to get operated to look cuter, if it’s not because of the education given from the society each day how people appriciate beauty or how technology is advancing so that people can get operated easily, they might not choose to do it since the first place.

Studying languages can also be considerated as another good example. Normally, people learn new languages with reasons like, because it’s fun, so that we can communicate more with new people from different places with amazing culture. Have you ever heard of those pointing out those reasons when starting and ending up gossiping people in the streets with the language that no one would understand and only using it as another good point of themselves boasting with others that they know 3, 4, 5, 6 languages to make the others complimenting how good they are? Me, I’ve heard of that every day! Languages and knowledges themselves are really really good, interesting, wise and intelligent. But the education we’ve built for our own self-conscience runis us ourselves, including those pure educations.

I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out but it’s just another point of view I’ve seen from the education. I just look around myself and I find uncountable examples of the bad side of the education which could be counted even more than the good side. Friends keeping notebooks only to themselves without sharing or else the others would get better marks. People playing their mobiles or listening to their i-pod just looking insultingly to those coming up in the metro to ask for money. Even politicians graduated from world-top universities ending up corrupting the country or getting kicked out of their own countries. It has proved that high educations don’t really lead us elsewhere, just gives us money to buy food, some even study loads but still stay unemployed with no food and no money. What’s so good about education if it’s education itself that creates billions and billions of problems if it’s the education that builds more ‘stupid’ people.

How it really was to be in the so-called best high school in Thailand – edited

A week ago, I got an email from one guy asking if I would continue writing my blogs over here since they have helped him relaxed after spending all day long doing the thesis. He said that he would be waiting until my next blog would be written. I was just flattered! lol!! Well, I haven’t stopped writing here yet, just a little break coz I’m already in the university and there are piles of books waiting for me everyday hehe! Plus, I kinda was away from it for some time, I lost the rhythm I was having and as the consequence of using Spanish all the time, I had a feeling like my english was disappearing somehow.

So, I reread most of my old blogs to gain some inspirations. I ran into the really bad one of mine, how is it like to be in the best school?, which I received loads of negative comments and I don’t think I really described it like the way I really wanted to and the way I should have, now that I’m no longer there at Triam Udom Suksa School, I get to see what that school really gave me, did to me and influenced me in thousands of aspects. As who I am now, I am considering my ex-school from the point of view of somebody sitting outside of it but once, has been in it.

Triam Udom Suksa is really considered as one of the best high schools in Thailand for so many reasons. Not that they teach it all in English, it’s not international school. Nor that it has the food like in five-star restaurant in the cafeteria. Thai people have measured that from the results of those who graduated from there, where they could attend and what they could have become in the future. The exam to select the students to get in is the most difficult in the country, but it’s not a discrimination since there are also quotas for students with good marks, good eq and outstanding activities from all around the country. There are some studying right now in world’s best universities like Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, etc. The present Bangkok’s governor, Mr.Apirak Kosayotin, General Chaowalit Yongjaiyut, ex-prime minister, etc. did graduate from there. But not just those, the only Thai guy who has taken part in some of Hollywood animation’s movies like Moolan, for example, and some stars, some singers did graduate from here, too. But, in fact, it’s not only all about prestige or fame.

Triam Udom Suksa has been through a really long history the whole 70 years since it’s first established. The one who gave birth to this school was Mhom Luang Pin Malakul, who once was as important as those like Doctor Preedee Panomyong of Thammasart University, etc. He was minister of the ministry of education and later of the ministry of culture. UNESCO did give him a prize as an exemplary man with conscience of humanity and culture together with knowledges of social sciences. Furthermore, the very first buidings of school were once used as Japanese army’s basement during World WarII. Students had to run away with the uniform on and the teachers had to act like war’s spy with secret documents in their hands instead of textbooks to teach their students. There’s also a story saying that if we stayed late enough at night, we might be able to meet those Japanese soldiers working during the war time. Briefly, this school has shared its history with great men/women and great events.

After it all, what this school has been trying to do is to grow conscience in all the students’ hearts. Besides paying attention to our studies, we also have to grow up as a good person. The quote of the school has always been, “Gratitude is a sign of a good person.” Noone forgets that, seriously, eventhough we’ve graduated from there since a long time ago. What this school tries to teach us is to care about where we’re from, to care about the land that has given us all the oportunities, to study, to live and to grow. We shall not forget where we’re from eventhough right now loads are studying abroad and working abroad. We’ll always be Thai. We’ll always have to serve our country. Do no criticm about how country is going down. Do consider that the country is suffering and does need Thai people to help it stand up once again. Thailand has given us infinitely and it shouldn’t have difficulties just looking back and smile at it a little. Yes, it’s taught us to thank whoever has given us whatever, small or big or uncountable, it’s still something from someone. Whenver that one needs something, it’s time for us to give it back.
And why do they give really hard education the whole 3 years in school? So that their students could go well-prepared to serve their country. Studying in Chulalongkorn University or no, studying abroad or no, working in a government or no, nobody cares, all this school cares about is whatever part of the country or the world we’re choosing to be, are we doing alright? are we doing our best? besides happiness, are we sharing it to the others?

There are times that I cry my eyes out missing my family and my friends, also Thai food :p But besides making my own life the way I want it, never will I forget the duty. This duty is actually given since birth for all Thai people and it doesn’t mean it only stays with those from my old school, every single Thai has a duty to be responsable to Thailand. Never said it has to be huge, we don’t have to become Bush nor the UN’s secretary nor the EU’s leaders, just be responsable for whatever we’re doing coz even though we wear big-eyes to change our eye’s colours, we dye our hair, we choose to have loads of nationalities, our first would still forever be Thai and deep down inside, Thai will never leave us.

Funnies Grannies

Approximately last week I got so nervous coz I fell asleep in my bed for 2 hours in the afternoon then I realized that it was so close to 9pm! I had to use loads of photo-copies in order to ask for some official document the next day but I had nothing at all. I so had to go out cuz the shop would be closing soon. I grabbed what I needed and left right away. Luckily, I thought, the place where I could copy my stuff was pretty close to my house, it’s the driving-teaching school. I went in there, sat down, and took out the papers while asking for what I wanted. Before I could get all my things out, the girl there just told me to go to another shop. I was like, “But what did I do?” She calmly told me that there was no ink left. Nothing I could do so I left and began to find other places where I could do my thing. I didn’t see anything (I guess it’s because the fact that everything was closing got on my nerves) but the lottery shop so I went inside with fingers crossed hoping they would also provide the photo-copy’s business. And you know what? They really did! I got all my papers out again and started to copy one by one. I took a long time there coz I got more than ten things to copy. During that time, some people came in to buy the lotteries and to check their results. The funniest person was one old lady (around 60 plus). She got out loads of papers just like me, but not for copying. They were all lottery’s papers. She kept handing her lotteries to the man there one after one asking if she won anything. After like five(or more), she said, “Oh, I’ve got none left.” The whole time, the only conversation I heard was, “Did I win?” and “No, you didn’t m’am.” She was like, “Oh… well, give me two more for this weekend.” !! She chose the numbers and paid a note. The guy in the counter gave her the lotteries and the change. She collected slowly one coin after another. She even counted the whole time. At last, she protested, ten cents missing. The guy told her that he already gave the exact change so she counted again and yea she got it all. And it was the time for her to keep her beloved lotteries. She tenderly picked them up and kissed them one by one. She added at the last one, “Bring me some luck this time.”
Later, my papers were done so I collected everything into my bag and paid. I quit the shop and smiled to myself about that granny I met. While I was laughing with my thoughts, a new granny appeared! One old lady came from nowhere and stopped at one jewerly shop. It was already closed but it was still possible to see the jewerlies at the front of the shop. That lady, well-dressed, kept looking, actually staring at all necklaces and rings that were placed there. She looked from the left to the right, from the top down the bottom. I saw that a little curious so I stepped closer to her. Then yea, I heard, “Oh.. how beautiful…” “I wish Fernando bought me that one..” I couldn’t help myself. I was about to laugh already then I heard, “Actually, I’ll take him here tomorrow.” I suddenly laughed out loud! Then she turned to me so I stopped and walked back to my house.
This’ an experience that I actually have been with all my life. Coz back in Thailand, I lived with my mum and my granny. My granny’s not really different from those ladies, hehe. When we get older, we still want to win the lottery although there’s no way we can take it with us when we have to leave the world. We also want to dress pretty and take possesion of something beautiful although we see in the mirror everyday that our skin’s no longer the same, our hair’s already turning white. Well, the thing is when we get older, we’re no longer the same in many ways but genuinely we don’t really change, huh?