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*Live from Madrid*

As I’ve been away so long from this blog, I achieved my dream (Well, it’s been so long that I had to validate my account! :P.) When I was writing loads of blogs here, I was in grade 12, the last year of high school’s.) Everyone was so eager to go out and start university’s life. Some wanted to attend medical faculty, some, engineering, some, accouting and for me, international relations.

I so wanted to get the King’s scholarship to study somewhere abroad so I studied a lot and closed myself a bit :p from the outside world including updating my blogs here. However, I didn’t get it. Luckily, I passed the test to attend the faculty of political science : international relations at Thammasart University. Yea, I was sad that I couldn’t get it but it was so fine since I tried my best. Was so proud to get to try hardest of the hardest at something in my life.

A month in Thammasart passed, I got a call, “I’m calling for Nattarika.” And that was me, “You get the scholarship to study IR (International Relationes) in Spain until master degree from ministry of foreign affairs . You’ve got 12 days to come in and inform us if you’re taking this.” I was like, “WHAT?!?!?” Well, after the King’s scholarship’s results came out a while, those (incl. me) who passed that test but didn’t get it got chances to take some more tests (like interviewing and stuff) for scholarships from ministry of foreign affairs. Anyway, I forgot about that and kinda gave up about starting uni life abroad for bachelor’s degree already… Thought I would try again for master degree. Moreover, I started my life with new friends in Thammasart already. Paid the tuition free, bought the uniform and etc.. already. Therefore, I wasn’t that sure about my answer but this scholarship offered me 8 years in Spain, the faculty I so wanna attend and my dream of studying abroad! I took a day thinking about this and I got the answer, “Yes, I’ll take it, I’m going.”

Everything’s free. I have nothing to lose. Gonna earn one more language, more friends, the degrees, experiences and etc! Will be able to work back there in Thailand and help developing my beloved country as I dreamed of. The only commitment is that I have to go back and work at the foreign ministry for 14-16 years. You must have been like, “OMG!” Cuz everyone around me is like that when they know about my commitment. However, trust me, I thought it all over, it’s a great opportunity. I mean, if I stayed at Thammasart, the best honorable thing I could get after graduating would have been to work in that ministry still. And perhaps, I might not be able to get in the ministry in all those 16 years if I stayed there.. Now, I’m offered free honorable job this easily, why would I let it go? Plus there’s no regret when you get to pay back to somewhere that was everywhere to you all your life. Thailand gave me a place of birth, my family, food and definitely, my life.

What I’m trying to say here is that it’s nice to do the best in what we’re doing. Though we fail, we get to learn to lose but we’ll be stronger if we can take it and move on. We’ll get to be proud of ourselves! Our families, lovers, friends and everyone around us will be, too. And that’s such a nice feeling, getting proud of. However, there’s no use giving up everything we don’t succeed. Like in my story, when it’s our dream, it is ours forever. We will achieve it at last just to hold on to it and keep making it real. If not achieving before the end of our lives, be proud that we get the closest to it already.. that’s just amazing. However, take care of your dreams cuz they’re yours, noone else can take them away and noone else can make them real but you.

And for all Thai people, like in that ad on tv we watch, “¤¹ä·Âà»ç¹·Õè˹Öè§ä´éäÁèá¾éª¹ªÒµÔã´ã¹âÅ¡ (The Thai can become number 1 as much as other races in the whole world.)​”