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Moving to Thailand – best decision ever!

“Are we making the right the decision to move to Thailand now?”
Just to give you a little taste of what I have been dealing with.

We both are in the early 40s, I have thai-american passport (been in US for 23 yrs), hubby – american, and we have a 20 yrs marriage. We owned a fairly successful engineering firm for 14 yrs. All these years being in the US, we both think we have accumulated quite a bit of acadamic degrees, knowledges, work and life experiences, along with money. At 40 we have finally come to the junction middle point in our live that it’s time for us to move on and to try doing something new which will in turn gives us unique experiences and pleasures.
I’m an architect/urban planner, hubby – an structural engineer. We have a strong interest in design and homes building. We can work on the project all days and all nights without getting tired on it. We did this on our last 2 homes and had made a sizable profit from them. Now we’re at the point that the housing market here is still red hot, and if we could build 1 more home then we will able to walk away with extra few hundreds thousand profit, but the problem is in our area is so difficult or almost next to impossible to get a building lot to build on – the price had gone up so crazy since last year – tripled from the last year price. So we had thought to ourselves why do we want to build and move again – so much hassles in the process – why don’t we just sell our house which have appreciated so much in value since we built it 2 yrs ago, then take the money+savings and move to thailand…..then we can develop the housing over there instead….thus in turn we will be doing something we truly love and give us pleasures so much.

Beside the points mentioned above……We used to think we have a good life and an american dream. But lately there also seems to be something missing in our lives. Working on someone else projects is not “sanuk” any more. It becomes quite a mundane feeling…..A typical day in, day out of getting up in the morning, going to work, then getting paid for the job well done. There is no bliss in life or happiness in doing it anymore.
I read from somewhere that “Happiness” is…
1- Be able to do what you love (follows your passions)
2- Be able to control your own destiny
3- Be able to get helps when you need one
4- Be able to get reward you deserved (materials or non-materials)

So there you have it “my dilema”. I don’t know what is worse, the fact that I took the time to think about the decision, or the fact that I thought it twice, or the fact that I began to understand it the third time we thought on it…..and why do we like Thailand.

All we know is this…. I will miss the USA, the great country (in my eyes) that gives me soo much. I’m sure that In the first five years I will painted a mind picture of how great things were back in the states. But somehow after our recent 4 weeks vacation there over the X’mas, something had happened. We just couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. All I know is that…..When we came back to the US we found things had changed or at least changed from what we remembered. Within two weeks we wondered why we had came back and was already thinking of ways to get back to Thailand. What do we miss SO MUCH now?? ….THAILAND!

We know when we move there, it will be an amazing new life begining, discovering new ways of life, food, places, people, and politics oh boy!. The most difficult thing for us to accept are the constant dangerous situations and manoeuvres you’ll see almost every time you drive on the roads, be it in the moo ban or on the motorway. Drives both of us insane! But we know we will have traded off many of our former daily routines for new ones. It’ will be a refreshing experience and making me realize how familiarty can breed a degree of boredom. There will be enough new things to see, learn and experience in Thailand that we’re set for the rest of our life. We will feel like a kid again, full of much wonderment.

So I guess, it won’t all be as boring or terrifying as I originally planned, I hope.

Stay Tuned…for the next chapter of our life.
Thanks for reading my story

My recent vacation

Ok..we just got back from Thailand after spent 3 weeks over the X’mas and new year. Guess what?, we chose to stayed at some condo in Jomtien beach area for entire 3 weeks, and never once set foot in Pattaya! We had booked the condo over the internet a few month before with the taxi pick-up service of $1200 from the airport. Our flight was supposed to land around 11:00pm but didn’t actually land until 2:00am! Our driver’s pretty cool about it. we went and slept pretty much the whole trip to Jomtien beach. We had so much fun over there! You’ll be amazed at what we did during our time there….which’s nothing much!

First – our condo’s very nice and in the super location. We’d decided not to book a hotel room because it’s much more expensive during the high season, and we found out that our condo’s much much better than some 4 stars hotel rooms and we’re paying only $18 a night. So you guys, next time during the trip…book a condo room instead. It’s much cheaper! Anyway our routine is like this. We would walk out 5 min. to catch the 10B songtheaw to our favorite breakfast place – Lotus foodcourt for breakfast…then walk around for a few hours within the vicinity…then catch a songtheaw back to Jomtien beach for the same 10b and have our lunch there…then back to our room for 3-4 hours…then go out again at the night food market for more food hunting (either at Jomtien beach or the one next to Theprasit rd.) We did this routine for entire 3 weeks. Can you believe that? The night market next to Theprasit road’s quite big during weeknights, and 4 times bigger during weekends. We probably tried every foods at every stalls inside Lotus foodcourt and at those 2 night markets as well! Man oh man…thai foods are very yummy!

Anyway the second reason – as why we had to be in Thailand’s that I have to renew my thai-ID card after 23 years absent. In order to do this I have to go to Bang-Kapi city hall in BKK, and what a hassle that was. It’s about 2 hrs from Jomtien beach to go to the Ampur Bangkapi, this’s where my tabiean-baan is. Luckyly my aunt and uncle came all the way from BangKapi to pick me&my hubby up and sent us back too. I was so nervous and not sure whether they would let me do this or not, because as of now I can only speak and write thai about 75%. I’d gone to the US to study since high school and then on to university and all these times didn’t use any thai at all, but since I have such a nice uncle and aunt who did filled out everything for me!

Then the official asked me whether I’m married or not and wished to change to the new married lastname. So I asked her, if it would be better to change it? Then she said better not… since my husband is an American, it’ll be less hassle when I’m trying to buy some properties over here later on, even though the current law allows me to…but the law can change at any time! So that’s that…I got to keep my old last name…it’s kind of famous lastname anyway! At the same time I told her that I would like to change my first name also and I wanted to be “Teresia” – because this is the name I’m using in the US. But the lady official told me I can’t use this because it doesn’t have any meaning in thai and according to 1998 law all thais must have thai names….and here is the book….just look through it and pick one or go to the monk asking for one. Well I don’t have time to go to see any monks, so all four of us (me, hubby, aunt, uncle) looked through the book given for just about 15 min., then came up with the name “Nisha”. We all agreed it’s very pretty and means “smart & pure”. So my new first name will be “Nisha” to use in Thailand.

Then came the hard part – the id making, this’s the most difficult of all, I had to fill out some paper works and in thai too, because they just want to make sure I can still write in thai , before they would renew my Thai-ID card, and with the penalty fee of 300b + 25b id’s fee. I filled out most of the blank spaces, but not all, and they said ok..fine. So after all these years I finally have my new id card with the new firstname!

So now I have it
In the US , my name is…..Teresia + old thai name + married lastname
…now I have to change asap to …..Teresia + Nisha + same married lastname

But in Thailand….I will be known as……Nisha Sankavadana

I know it’s a bit confusing!

In addition, I also made the new biometric thai passport right away to match with the new name. The process was simple : waiting time – 1hr and after that, only 10 min of making it – at Central dept. – Bangna branch.

I’m so happy that everything had gone smoothly and now looking forward to buy a piece of land for our future retirement home in BangSare – Chonburi.

In the next article I will be writing about our house and land hunting experiences in BangSare, with pictures. BangSare is the seaside town between Jomtien beach and Sattahip, Chonburi.

Thanks for reading my story

up coming trip

It’s winter again here in Seattle and just had first 2” of snow last week. The normal temp. right now is between 24-35 degree. Done all x’mas shopping since last week. This year we bought everything via internet, too cold to drive around!. The X-box and mp3 are very hot this year. Just bought my first mp3. it’s so tiny and sooooo cooool! People lined up for days just to get the X-box. I think the retail price here is around $390, but noticed on Ebay auction last week and it went for around $3000! Some crazy person… Why did anybody want to pay for that much? Have not got a clue!
Anyway before I got side track, I and my mr. are ready to go to Thailand again. It’s too cold up here so we’re heading south and will spend our New Year there. Hope to see the new airport but our ticket still said the old DonMuang, oh well…may be next year. We’re planning to explore along eastern seaboard route this time (from Bangkok-Bansaen-chonburi-Si Racha-Jomtien-Rayong-Chanthaburi). It’s going to be a long trip on the airplane but lucky we’re flying the new Boeing 777. Do you know that all B-777 has em-power for your laptop, portable dvd player or anything you might want to plug in during your flight underneath every seats ,even in the coach class? But if you’re flying the latest airbus model, they only have in the first section of the coach class (AC power). Therefore we will certainly be very busy playing with our new mp3 and watching the movies on our new portable dvd player (just bought some 2 Korean long drama with English subtitle, I think is 24 episodes each- will be crying alot). For those that flying via Tokyo-narita airport like us, do you know that on the 4th floor-they have a 30 minutes shower room (just bring only your toothbrush) at the terminal 2- for around $4.00 or you can book the hotel room hourly for around $13.00 on the same floor?. The shower room is for first come first serve but the hourly airport hotel on the 4th floor you can book via internet ahead of time also, but you have to show up within ½ hr of your booking time otherwise they will cancel the booking. I don’t know about terminal 1 though. We will post many pictures later when we get back.
O.k this is it. Have a many bunches of merry X’mas and happy New year 2006! & money…money…money!


Is this English or metric or some type of patent pending idea? With just the thought that Thailand one day will be the super emperor of the world where one makes, sets, and changes rules? Or the forefront of some fascinating new concept?

We booked a tour to northern Thailand via interne from USA, paid in full up front including on night in Bangkok before tour departing. As you all know…any airlines from the USA always landed in BKK around 11-12 pm. We know we will be arriving in the last hour of Dec 24… and won’t get to our hotel until 1:00 am and this would be Dec. 25 already. So we told our tour company to book the room on Dec. 25 (ahh…one night in Bangkok!, before the tour departing).

The hotel limo picked and dropped us off at the hotel at around 2:00 am.
Well..guess what!! When we’re trying to check-in, the front desk said our booking is for tomorrow!!
WE SAID: no!..”It is for today!”
FRONT DESK: no!…tomorrow! sir and mam
WE SAID: Let me ask you. What time is it? And what date?
FRONT DESK: 2 am…Dec 25
WE SAID: What date is our booking for… on your paper?
WE SAID: right now is Dec. 25. isn’t it?
WE SAID: Why can’t we check-in then? If this is the day we’d booked?
FRONT DESK: because in Thailand …our new day doesn’t start until 6:00 am!
WE SAID: what system is your time here? English or metric or something else
FRONT DESK: international..I quesssss…
WE SAID: Don’t you know that according to the international rule vol.1, page 1, paragraph 1… states that “ the next calendar day shall be the starting of new day on this earth & always begin at 12:01 am?”
FRONT DESK: Yeh.. but in Thailand is always at 6:00!!!!

Sigh…sigh… and sigh again! We gave up! So what should we do? Right now we’re in Bangkok and it’s dark, very humid, and we’re very fatigued and hungry after 18 hours flight. So we asked for any available room and paid for it right there. We got the room and the next morning we called our tour company and yelled at them over the phone (sorry guys..I know the Thai golden rule “Don’t ask why…Don’t ask too many questions..Just accept things as they are”) At the end our tour company paid half of the first night cost, cause it’s their mistake!)

I always think we’re very darn smart couple. Each trip is always well thought, researched, and planed out carefully so nothing is amiss.
Ahh…But this is Thailand!!