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I love Thai food

I’d have to say that I have many Thai dishes which I love to eat. My favourite being pad Thai and tom ka gai. There are many Thai restaurants in Sydney which I go to. I always order the same thing. I absolutely love Thai food.


Thai food here is so expensive.
When I go to Thailand, I always go to Robinsons on sukhumwit. They have a great food hall downstairs with many different food shops. I always get pork soup and sweet sticky rice for dessert. One thing you can’t get here is sweet rice. I also like tub tim and the little green noodles in coconut milk. That’s delicious.

Tub tim.. mmmm

Last time I was in Bangkok, I was walking with my friend and I saw an ice cream man. I remembered back to Richard’s blog about the ice cream in the bread roll. It sounded weird to me but I decided to give it a try and it was the yummiest thing I have ever tasted!!!

I could eat Thai food all the time!!

Pad thai…

Anti Smoking Campaign NSW style!

Hello all!

For years and years now, the government made it compulsory for all tobacco products to carry a health warning. “Smoking while pregnant causes harm to your baby” “Smoking causes cancer.” People ignored these and continued to smoke.
A cartoon showing that smoking is socially unacceptable
Eventually, there was a ‘quit line’ where people would ring up anonymously and speak to a counsellor over the phone and hope that would help.

Well now, they have brought out pictures on each tobacco product depicting foul pictures of rotten feet, mouths and sick children all to do with smoking!

The new pictures.. eww

I first saw this done in Thailand. I was quite horrified because I was young and people would continue to smoke after they saw these pictures!! I believe it is effective! I still remember the pictures, a man getting a autopsy, showing a lung.. ewww.. I also remember seeing a man smoking around a small baby.. 🙁

So NSW has stolen this idea!! I hope it is effective!!

The new website to help quit online.


A ride on a train… In Sydney!

Hello everybody!

Hope you’re all fine! I just have time to blog, so I promised more blogs, so I will try to make this one as interesting as possible!!
The topic of my blog is transport. I use public transport nearly everyday! I catch a bus and a train and in the end, it ends up being very costly! I do not get a student concession, which would half my fare because I work at a Public Teaching Hospital, and so the government pays me a fortnightly wage! Morning comes, I run to the bus stop and just make it!!
I get on the bus and it is crowded with school kids and business people! It costs me $1.70 49 baht for a 5 minute, one way trip and then I arrive at the station. The station hasn’t changed since I was a baby. Most of the shops have closed down, and it smells like seafood because there is a seafood shop next door!! 🙁 I queue for 5 minutes at the window and pay my $4.40 127 baht for a 5 minute return ticket!

the beautiful view

I walk to the station and the train comes!! OH NO!!! It is too full and no one can fit on the train!! Finally, another comes and I can squeeze on, touching everyone around me!! eww!! I get off the train only to be greeted by Sydney’s’ own ticket checker to try to catch fare evasion! Lots of people do it, but it has cut down now days. I show them my ticket and put it through the machine!

a classic silver train

There are 3 main trains, the old silver trains which are old! Tangara and the millennium train.. They never really took off because they were faulty!! And of course the interstate trains!

You always have to be careful because it is dangerous on trains..

I prefer BTS so much better… 😀

Trains are not the only way to travel here in Sydney! That’s another blog!

Well goodnight!!


Sorry, first blog in ages!!

Hello everybody!

I am not sure if you all remember me.. So let me refresh your memory. I am a now 20 (ah so old) year old girl from Sydney Australia. I love Thailand very much. I have been there many times and speak Thai!! ^^ I can also read Thai now!! Well I try too!
I haven’t been blogging in ages! I have started Nursing and I study 5 days a week and have to do assignments on the weekend.. I am doing an assignment now! :P. But, last night I had time to go bowling with my boyfriend!! 😀

I promise that I will blog more often! There are alot of Thai aspects in Sydney. There are 3 temples, shops and alot of restaurants. I always speak Thai there and get alot and alot of food!!
I will also write about my city!!

Next blog will be cool, I promise.. Well I hope you are all well and you’ll be hearing from me soon!!


Back to Bangkok

Hello all!

I haven’t blogged in ages! I went to Bangkok.

I have been back in Australia for about 2 weeks now and I am still missing Bangkok so much.

My story..

I was very excited to go to the airport. I couldn’t sleep all that night thinking about my friends in Bangkok… I got onto the plane, with my grandpa, aunty, uncle and two cousins, and we were on our way!
The plane trip was very long and my cousins and we occupied ourselves with game boys and an ipod.

I arrived in Bangkok late at night and was very grateful to be off the plane. I hopped into a bus and made my way to the hotel and went to sleep.
The next day I awoke to a beautiful and warm day. I got dressed and went straight to see my friends. Some of my friends are deaf, so I try to use sign language.

Bangkok hadn’t changed, except for the new MRT- an ultra modern system of underground train travel.

The beautiful day quickly turned into grey skies! Before I knew it, it was pouring and I was running home from the BTS station. It rains very heavily in Bangkok!
Everyday, I went shopping, and after that, I’d go and see my friends…

We went on a rice barge tour. It was very interesting and informative. The tour guide explained about Thailand’s economy. The scenery was beautiful. I threw bread into the water and millions of carp came to eat it!!!

I went to every shopping centre around Bangkok. That’s what I love to do!!

I had such a great time in Bangkok. I miss the food and all my friends there. Since I have been back, I have asked my work for more hours a week. Now I am working 37.5 hours per week, so I can go back to Thailand soon!

Pics coming soon!!