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Me and my Translation class!!

Related to my previous blogs, I found a great great links about the poet I presented to everyone here. Since I take translation class this semester, I usually browse the website called which is a community for Thai translator
I found a fantastic link of the collection of Thai literature that had been translated to english or even world literature that had been translated to Thai .
Here is some sample of the poems from the same collection with the one from my last blog.

You will defitnitely see through Thai culture by these wonderful poets…so it a must for you to read!!!!!

There’s hope for beloved
So long as men are
In respect
Of old precepts,far
Into the soul,in effect,
of immortal siam.

Born men are we all
and one,
Brown,black by the sun
Knowledge can be won
Only a heart differs
from man to man.

So little yet so much
one knows,
Like a frog wich grows
in a puddle,
Knowing not ocean so
ever vast,
Become befuddled
by its small world

and many more here

Wish everyone enjoy these poems:-)
Sawaddee krub
PS. Today is my Birthday…Jeep is 23 years old now:-)
Choke Dee Krub

Thai Poets:-) for U


Isn’t this poet sounds great…very philosophal:-)
This is one of my favorite Thai Poet(which had been translated to English).The original poet in Thai comes from one of the ancient Thai proverb that had been composed during the Kingdom of Ayutthaya Dynasty.
This english version comes from the book called “Interpretative Translations of Thai Poets(1978)
So if anyone would like to appreciate Thai Poets.I’d look for more next times 🙂

I have to cut this short again. Jeep is busy with his Mid-Term exam
Choke Dee Krub

Me and my Buddhism Class!!

As a philosophy major student,besides western philosophy,I have to take classes on religion especially buddhism and I absolutely enjoy learning. Growing up in a buddhist country but honestly know very little about the fact of this religion. It’s funny sometimes that Thailand as a buddhist country,very few people have been read the Buddhist Scriptures ( prá dtrai-bpì-dòk ).

I am so excited about my Mahayana Bhuddism Class. I’ve been wondered what the differences between the Theravada Buddism and Mahayana Buddhism as we all knows Thailand have been known as a land of Theravada Buddhism.

Since I have been studied about Mahayana Buddhism for a month and a half now. I found out that the essence of both is the same thing but the differences just came from difference opinion on the death of the Buddha which have been shown in the buddhist scriptures.

I am so sorry but I have to go to bed now.So ,I’ll continue about it tomorrow and it will be Mahayana Class. So I think I’ll ask my professor for more information and I’ll explain more about what the differences of Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism:-)

Sawaddee Krub

Do I look like a terrorist ? :-(

It happened last year right on my birthday…29 of July 2004.
when Boston was full of the cops,TVs and protesters during that time as there was a Democratic National Convention going on by John Kerry the candidate for the US President Election.

After one month in a home of red sox,I decided to leave Boston on my birthday to San diego to visit other friends. The reason was a bit silly.Well,Since San diego is on the west coast while boston is the east coast,if I fly back to san diegoon that night,I could have more hours of my 29of July to celebrate with my folks in SD as time is different about 3hours between the west and the east:-)

My friend drove me to Boston Airport. We were both quiet since it was the last day for us..ok!! let’s skip the cheesy scene… I said good bye to my friend,loaded my luggage…and then the fun time was about to start…

After the security checked my passport(with a picture of a dark-skin boy), a few minutes later, one big security guard came to me and said,

” Excuse me ,sir!!. Please follow me overhere.

” Sh** ” ,I shouted out loud in my mind.

I was asked to leave the queue and sit next to the scanning machine,watching all the passengers who were going to take the same flight with me. Nobody talked to me or gave me a reason why I had to do and I was afraid to ask them “why”.

So, I just sit there…and wondered what’s wrong with me…I was very scared…hmmmm….what is going on here?

About 30 minutes later, I assumed that all the passengers were seated:as i’d seen nobody there). Eventually ,one of the security came to me and apologised. He walked with me to my seat. Finally,I decided to ask him the”W” word.

“I’m sorry ,sir. ” Why did I have to wait that long? Do I look like a terrorist? ..

10 seconds with silence ,I realized that was a real mistake. Everyone stared at me and a security.

I started to laugh ridiculously, pretended it was my big joke.

“I was just joking”,that’s the best I could say.

“Oh my… this is stupid”, I shouted loudly in my mind for a second time.

The security gave me a bad look as same as others.It was just a memorable birthday for me.

I told my frends in san diego about what happened. They all laughed at me and told me ” terrorist” is a forbidden word for Boston airpot. He mention the 9/11 and the interesting fact about boston airport.

“Don’t you know the flight that hit WTC building came from Boston Aitport”,my best friend Brian gave me a big clue.

“Oh…”. yes,that’s all i could say.

Stupid thai boy!!… That ‘s really me…:-)

I am now back at my beloved country” Thailand”.It’s been one year already. No more “Jeep a terrorist”
For my birthday this year, instead of being a terrorist ,I ‘ll have exam right on that day.. and that terrified me a lot more!!!…lol

Sawaddee Krub:-)