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The Beginning

Recently, I decided that I really need to start keeping track of my life. Memories and feelings are starting to fill quickly in my teen years, much like files on a computer. I know that the next few years of my life could be some of the most exciting, so I think that documenting my experiences will be worth while.

This June will be the end of my high school career. In June I will be traveling with the same group as last year, to teach with friends in Lampang. After a month of traveling together, they will return to the states, and college begins. I hope to be attending Bangkok University BUIC for the first quarter. I don’t know for sure until admissions take place between March 29- April 11 (April 12 is my birthday :).

I really don’t have too much to offer in the next few weeks, but things should get rolling pretty quickly. I’ll let you know when I know 😉