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What to do on Koh Samet

This is the last in my series of blogs about my visit to Koh Samet and Rayong. I did enjoy myself during this trip to this beautiful tropical island in Thailand. It was a shame that my time was limited. I … Continue reading

The Beaches on Koh Samet

Advertising for trips around the island I recently spent some time exploring the beaches along the coastline of Rayong. This area is only two-three hours from Bangkok and counts as some of the most beautiful and exotic locations in Thailand. … Continue reading

Koh Samet in Thailand

Hat Sai Kaew (Diamond Beach) on Koh Samet Last week I went to Koh Samet for the very first time. So many people have been telling me to go that I thought I should make an effort. Everyone said it is … Continue reading

A Trip to Koh Si Chang

This is a continuation of my series of blogs about day trips from Bangkok. I am aiming to give you at least two new destinations every month. The little island I visited today, known as Koh Si Chang, has been … Continue reading

Koh Chang to Rayong

I was telling you yesterday about our stay on Koh Chang. The next morning we checked out and caught the car ferry back to the mainland. I unfortunately hadn’t brought my maps of Rayong nor any of my multitude of … Continue reading