Guess the One Real Woman out of 6 Ladyboys!


Just how many of you long-time Thailand expatriates cum all-Thailand experts boast to newbie arrivals to the kingdom, “I can spot a ladyboy a mile off!” When in reality, however,…. you are oblivious to all those hot ladyboys you mistake for the ‘real’ thing…

So, here today on thai-blogs, is a simple ‘Spot the Real Thai Girl’ contest. Out of the lovely following ‘girls’ only ONE is for real; the other six are all ladyboys. Take the challenge and perhaps just a wild guess..!

Check out tomorrow whether you managed to guess correctly…




20 responses to “Guess the One Real Woman out of 6 Ladyboys!

  1. Chris in Thailand

    I may be well off the mark here, but here goes nothing… Bear in mind I’ll celebrate 2 weeks in the country in a few days…

    #1: no, something in the wrist looks masculine…
    #2: fairly convincing, but the eyes don’t quite look right…
    #3: nope. The cheeks seem a bit long…
    #4: possibly, although the nose seems a bit big…
    #5: possibly, although she seems almost too cute (like that’s a bad thing or something!)
    #6: possibly, though I think I see hint of an Adam’s apple…
    #7: nope.

    I’ll guess #4…?

  2. #6 is not a ladyboy.

  3. Hard to tell from just pictures, need to see the real thing.
    Narrowed down to 5, 4 or 2.

  4. Hard to do from a still with only a face…my guess is 2 or 5 is real. They all had their fair share of surgery it seems, so without arm’s length and hand movement (usually dead give aways, the ladyboys move in a ‘more feminine’ way that the real women) it is very hard to tell.

  5. #2 is not a ladyboy (but maybe look-kreung?)

  6. Phaen Ekchit

    No.4 is not a ladyboy.

  7. #2 is not.

  8. Hugo l'asticot

    #2 can’t be a ladyboy !
    Or maybe there is a trap !(In this case it could be the #4…)
    But #2 definitely !

  9. Number 2 is not a ladyboy that’s my guess

  10. Stephen Cleary

    Answer coming soon…

  11. No. 5 is the real girl. Her chubbiness seems feminine whereas the others are extremely thin to hide their manliness. No. 2 looks really pretty though

  12. Number 2

  13. sarah henderson

    My guess is number 5 is real lady.

  14. Number 1, Patty: katoey
    Number 2 is or used to be a dude. (google for: nongploy 1910)
    Number 3, unknown
    Number 4, Alice: ladyboy
    Number 5, Miss Tiffany, ladyboy
    Number 6, Mick?, Ladyboy
    Number 7, Peaches/Fiona, Ladyboy

    So I am guessing number 3. (Though I would probably confuse number 2 for a girl, I admit it… if it wasn’t for Google)

  15. And the answer is….. #3. Praew, pic no. 3,is the only real woman. The other six are all ladyboys.Besides studying at university in Bangkok, Praew also works as a fashion model.

    Congratulations to Paul (last comment) for doing his homework!!

    Picture of Praew with me

  16. So, what did I win?
    (Besides all the fame and glory?)

    By the way, I came here from another nice blog: (not affiliated with it and I find it a shame on that blog it is not possible to reply to posts).

    Keep up the good work and I will be visiting your blog anytime soon. Especially if you blog a lot about Bangkok and Thai Food!

  17. Thanks Khun Steve. Now I feel old. And mannish.

  18. #5 is my guess. Though it’s close between her and #4.

  19. Who am I to judge? If they go to all that trouble and have an “operation” what difference does it make?

  20. #2 is a real girl

    all the others you can see have male features