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Nothing Much Has Changed

Ban Ta Klang Elephant Village

It’s 2013. The time when information is available at the tips of your fingers. The time when the world is so connected, whatever trends at one end of the world would catch on in the other in the matters of hours and days.

Not too long ago, a person I just met asked me just about all of the routine questions.

Her: So, what nationality are you?

Ding. Routine question #1.

Me: I’m Thai.

Her: From Taiwan?

Ding. #2

Me: No. Thais are from Thailand. Taiwanese are from Taiwan.

Her: Oh. So, Bangkok?

Me: (surprised, actually) Yes.

Her: Do you ride elephants?

Me: Yes. My dad only uses our rickshaw on the weekend.

Her: Really?

Me: No.

Sure, she skipped “What nationality is your husband? American?” and that “Oh she must’ve been a mail order bride and/or rescued prostitute” look that briefly registered on her face before moving on to, “So, how did you guys meet?”

True, she also skipped, “I LOVE Thai food! Pad Thai is my favorite!”

But it’s 2013. Six whole years after this incident.



Guess the One Real Woman out of 6 Ladyboys!


Just how many of you long-time Thailand expatriates cum all-Thailand experts boast to newbie arrivals to the kingdom, “I can spot a ladyboy a mile off!” When in reality, however,…. you are oblivious to all those hot ladyboys you mistake for the ‘real’ thing…

So, here today on thai-blogs, is a simple ‘Spot the Real Thai Girl’ contest. Out of the lovely following ‘girls’ only ONE is for real; the other six are all ladyboys. Take the challenge and perhaps just a wild guess..!

Check out tomorrow whether you managed to guess correctly…