Thai Society’s Top Tastiest Stories of the Year


2012 has been full of tasty stories, but the Thai language newspaper Thai Rath has chosen Thai Society’s Top Ten Tastiest Stories of the Year. These are my favourite eight..

Superstars: Love lives (and especially Miss Tak ‘Bongkoj’)

This year innumerable Thai stars have tied the knot with their one and only sweetheart. They include Woonsen, Tai and Nathawut etc… Though not yet married, but engaged; special mention goes to Tak (Bongkoj Khongmalai). Miss Tak, 27, who is famed, alongside her huge pair of watermelons, for posing half nude for every magazine and newspaper publication in Thailand, got engaged to billionaire founder of Dtac. Even though her fiancé has almost reached retirement age, Tak claims that when she first met him, she didn’t realize who he was and how rich he was; she just simply fell in love at first sight. Thailand’s reporters and gossip-mongers, however, reckoned that Miss Tak had fallen in love with the sight of wallet and not his ageing wrinkles.

Technology: Iphone

Owning an Iphone has this year turned into an absolutely must for any trendy Thai. 30% of female Thai university students admitted in a poll that carrying an Iphone to university was the most important thing in their daily lives. Another 25% of Bangkok students said that they wouldn’t be seen dead on the skytrain using a mobile phone which was not an Iphone.


Unthinkable TV: Thailand’s Got Talent

Even though one can see plenty of bare breasts on Pattaya Beach or a Patpong go-go bar, such an eye-sore is totally unacceptable on Thai TV (according to the censors and Ministry of Culture that is). Unperturbed, Work Point Studio owners of Got Talent franchise, showed on-air, peak time, an audition of a female ‘artist’ who during her performance threw off her shirt and then her bra. Top Thailand Got Judge, Ms Benz ‘Pornchida’, threw a frenzy and ran out the studio while scolding the other two male judges who ‘passed’ the performance. Work Point were later fined 500,000 baht for daring to air the bare-breasted performance on Channel 3. TGT judge, and supermodel, Benz ‘Pornchida’ was, herself, soon after lambasted on Thai language Internet forums, as she herself had posed nude for body painting on past occasions.

Very Naughty: School Sex Clips

This year the Internet has been over-flowing with secretly taken clips of Thai students bonking all over the place. We have seen clips of Thai students doing it together in classrooms, teachers’ rooms, KFC toilets, cinemas and even at bus stops. Much of the blame for such naughty activity has been put on parents and other elders for not having taught their children that such a thing is unacceptable within Thai society. What is even more astounding is that the age of the kids in these sex clips keeps getting younger and younger.

Look Rich: Red Car License Plate

While many of Bangkok’s top single women are more in love with their Iphone than their mothers, Bangkok’s trendy young men have jumped on the red car license plate fashion. More than 20% of these red plate owners have admitted that they wouldn’t drive any other car. “A red plate means new car, means I got lots of money, and so easy to pick up hot girls” admitted Suttichai a third year Engineering student at Chulalongkorn University, whom before owning a red license, had only had one date in his entire life.


Politics: Obama Comes to Thailand (to the delight of PM Yingluck)

Swanky President Obama literally swept PM Yingluck off her feet with his warm charm, nice smile and hunky body. Photographs of the happy couple were posted all over the Internet, and especially the ones of Yingluck were she is almost watering at the mouth at the sight of Obama. “Prime Minister Yingluck is totally in love with Obama; her cheeks flush a bright red every time she looks in his eyes” claimed an anonymous source within her cabinet. It is yet to be seen whether Obama has the same feelings for Yingluck.

Sports: 2012 World Futsal Championship

No other sporting incident in recent memory has embarrassed Thailand’s sport’s lovers so much as the fiasco at Thailand’s hosting the 2012 World Futsal Championship. After spending tens of millions of dollars building an indoor stadium to host the finals, FIFA refused to give Thailand’s Futsal Association permission to use it for play. The association and Ministry of Sports were up-in-arms, however, FIFA were right in spotting that the stadium hadn’t actually been finished building. The government later ordered an inquiry into a possible corruption scandal.

Soap Opera: Raeng Ngao

No other TV soap opera has caused as much storm as this. Taking the censors to the limits, Raeng Ngao with its ‘18yrs+ only’ warning was the most loved (and loathed, especially by the authorities) soap opera of the year. See previous blog.

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