You know you have been in Thailand ‘too long’ when……..

You’ve been in Thailand a few years now and beginning to wonder, “Have I been in Thailand too long?”. So, to find out whether you have or not, read through the following facts and compare to yourself…..

You know you’ve been In Thailand ‘too long’, when…..

  • on meeting a fellow Westerner, you ask “Where are you come from?”
  • ………. and next, ask him/her before you even know their name, how much salary they earn and why they aren’t married yet.
  • you have an attention span of approximately 11 and a half seconds (unless that is… you are watching a Thai soap opera)
  • your favourite hobby is putting half your family on the back of your motorbike; and only you, as driver, wears a helmet.
  • you think that showing up half an hour late for a job interview is acceptable.
  • on being stopped by a traffic cop, you immediately reach for some hundred baht bills, before your driver’s license.
  • start to think that corruption is just a social normality.
  • use a pseudonym on Facebook like “Hot Snowy Bear” instead of your actual real name.
  • cant’ be bothered to walk even if it’s only one hundred meters; better to wait half an hour for the bus.
  • you drink everything with a straw, even a large bottle of beer.
  • ……….. and you expect your waitress to be at your beck and call and put ice in your drinks every three minutes.
  • try to get on a packed Bangkok bus before anyone has had the chance to get off.
  • at the beach, you wear a long-sleeved shirt and splash on the strongest possible anti-suntan lotion.
  • enjoy scaring the wits out of foreigners who are trying to cross a zebra crossing, especially elderly ones.
  • hope that your young daughter grows into a good-looking young woman; and so, look forward to a receiving a bigger dowry.
  • ask the local monk to forecast the lucky number for you, hocus-pocus style, in the forthcoming Government Lottery.
  • are flushed at the sight of a farang woman wearing ‘no-bra’.

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