Pomelo Festival in Thailand

One of my favourite fruits found in Thailand is the Pomelo, which is the largest of the citrus fruit family. In some ways it is a bit like a grapefruit, though of course larger, and is also often sweeter. However, it has a thick skin and rind pith. Although I do enjoy eating this fruit, it is certainly no fun to peel it yourself. It can be quite time-consuming. To give you an idea, a youtube video that I found that shows you how to peel a pomelo is nearly five minutes long! The best thing to do is to buy them already peeled. They don’t cost that much more. For example, the two foam cartons below of pomelo fruit were about 20 Baht each which is less than $1.

This week they have a Pomelo Fair in Nakhon Chaisi District in Nakhon Pathom Province. I drove out there at the weekend. This is taking place at Wat Rai Khing from now until Saturday 10th September. However, the vendors told me that they would still be selling on Sunday. Nakhon Chaisi is famous for two different kinds of Pomelo. This is “Som O Thong Dee” pictured on the left and “Som O Khao Nam Pheung” on the right. Som O Khao Nam Pheung is pear-shaped with yellowish green skin and sweet succulent honey-coloured flesh as its name in Thai suggests, while the pink juicy sweet flesh of the globular-shaped Som O Thong Dee (brilliant gold pomelo) makes it easily recognizable.

3 responses to “Pomelo Festival in Thailand

  1. Hi, I would like to say thank you. We are a couple from Brazil and before we went to Bangkok I descovered you at internet and
    it made the difference of out trip. In september we spent three days there and your blog helped us a lot. Now, I am making my blog and missing Thailand and you. My heart is there and reading you remind me the specials days we spend there.Bye

  2. i love pomelo too. and a kilo of it in philippines cost about 25 pesos or 19 baht

  3. can;t beleive they have a festival for my fave fruit ! in indonesia, pomelo / som oh is jeruk bali (balinese orange) thank you for this article !