Thailand Map of Movie Locations for Hangover 2

The Hangover Part 2 has just been released in America. The first one was shot in Vegas, but now Bangkok has them. There has been some mixed reviews on the Internet. I just got back fromw atching it and had a really enjoyable time. There were plenty of belly laughs to make it worthwhile. After reading the comment by the American film critic Roger Ebert that Hangover 2 “plays like an anti-travelogue paid for by a rival tourist destination — Singapore, maybe” I thought that the TAT might need to do some damage control this weekend. But, I don’t think it was bad at all. There were certainly plenty of clichés in the movie. But the scenery around Krabi in Southern Thailand makes me want to go there for my next holiday.

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This is a map of Thailand showing the various locations used by the film crew for the shooting of The Hangover Part II in Thailand. The film opens in Krabi with the beautiful white beaches and limestone cliffs. This is in Southern Thailand. The film then jumps to Bangkok. Many of the outdoor scenes were shot in Chinatown. The bars were shot at Soi Cowboy and Sukhumwit Soi 7/1. There were also some scenes on a long-tailed boat on the Thonburi canals and a speedboat on the Chao Phraya River.

Some of the backdrops to the monastery were shot at Ancient City in Samut Prakan. However, it looked to me like most of the scenes with the monks were probably shot in the USA. Mainly because they used Tibetan monks. They wear different coloured robes compared to Thai monks. They also had eyebrows. Thai monks shave theirs off. A lot of the other scenes that were inside, like in the hotel, GoGo bar and tattoo parlour, were most likely shot in a studio in the USA as well.

If you can help adding more locations to the map then please let me know.

11 responses to “Thailand Map of Movie Locations for Hangover 2

  1. Mark Barabe

    Thanx for this, I have been looking at the trailers and recognized the State Tower and Soi Cowboy, but was trying to figure out the other locations.

  2. We watched the filming of several brief scenes mostly involving stunt scenes involving high speed car and tuktuk driving here, in Din Dang, under the highway:

  3. Thanks for the tip for location shooting in Bangkok. Will add to the map.

  4. The gogo bar where Alan fires the Uzi is almost certainly Tilac Bar on Soi Cowboy *cough*

  5. Before I mvoed to Thailand I thought I wanted to see it too but since I’ve been here I have found that the Thai people aren’t so keen on that flick. It’s been getting bad write-ups in the Bangkok Post and it’s not being shown in too many cinemas here in Bangkok. Perhaps they see it as a degradation of their spiritual culture when a monk gets a blow job from a monkey. (in poor taste, shame on the filmakers but that mentality is so typically American)

  6. I am not sure about that. I saw it at a cinema full of Thai people and they were laughing very loud. More than me.

  7. Radesh Naidoo

    I watched it in Thailand in a huge cinema. Was sold out with mostly thai people and they enjoyed it so much, the entire movie house was going crazy with laughter.
    When we walked out from the cinema ppeople were still laughing and imitating scenes from the movie.
    The hotel scenes were shot in Bangkok @ the Lebua hotel, teh hotel reception, the elevator and the restaurant where they meet that guy from interpol, where Alan had to leave his hat.
    Overall good movie.

  8. Don’t take my word for it. All I can say is when it opened it was only playing at a couple of smaller cinemas. Check the Bangkok Post for reviews and showtimes during the dates it opened. You’ll see.

  9. I live on Phuket, am American.
    My Thai wife and friends thought it was hilarious.
    Yes, Thais respect the monks, but they also like to watch Thai TV shows showing the monks in fun.
    Every culture like to make fun with their leaders.
    Lighten up and have fun in life.

  10. Oh, I forgot to mention, I saw the Hangover 2 movie on Thai TV.

  11. I had never heard of the movie and was channel surfing. I usually do not like profane movies, and almost shut it off. I am so glad I didn’t, it was so much fun.
    Only one thing better than the “Big Thai Smile”. Thai lads in uncontrolled laughter, blushing, covering faces.