Win a Guidebook for Elephant Holidays in Thailand

I am in the Northeast of Thailand for the launch of two new guidebooks. I already told you about the one called “The Mekong: Journeys along the River of Life”. Today I’m on my way to Surin Province for the launch of the second guidebook called “Elephant Holidays in Thailand”. Again I have several copies to giveaway in a competition and like last time you can choose either a Thai or English version. This book prepares you for a unique experience in Thailand with the elephants, the most important symbol of the Kingdom. This experience not only includes learning about elephants, but also touching, feeling, feeding, walking trunk-in-hand and even riding these magnificent creatures.

“Elephant Holidays in Thailand” introduces 17 elephant camps based on four different themes: The Legend of the Elephants, Live and Learn the Elephants’ Way of Life, A Unique Bond, and Amazing Elephant Shows. Each theme let’s you enjoy first-hand experiences with the elephants of Thailand and explore the beauty of the country from their perspective, discovering their charm, intelligence, and friendliness. This guidebook should prove to be useful to anyone who has an interest in elephants. By using this guidebook you will be able to get an elephant’s view of Thailand.

To win a copy of “Elephant Holidays in Thailand” all you have to do is post a comment below. Make sure that you let me know whether you want the Thai or English version. The competition ends on Wednesday 30th March 2011. You have another chance to win the guidebook on my Facebook page ( and on the Paknam Web Forums ( Feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook. Today I will be going to Surin which is one of the main centres for elephants in Thailand. You can follow me live on this trip as I will be posting pictures during the day on twitter @RichardBarrow.

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17 responses to “Win a Guidebook for Elephant Holidays in Thailand

  1. Hi Richard,

    Love to follow you around on the Internet.
    I like to win an English version of “Elephant Holidays in Thailand”.


  2. Beryl Hockey

    Just returned from a holiday in Thailand and loved having an elephant bath in Thailand would love an English copy of the book to plan my next trip!

  3. Rakkhuntaofah

    I’ve just follow u on twitter & very impressed to elephant’s story.If possible i would prefer eng.version 4 my 14 yrs old daughter.Thank u so much kha.

  4. Please put me in the draw for this one too, Richard. Thanks.

  5. Richard, I enjoy your tweets and information that you have about Thailand but am sad that you made a book supporting working elephants in Thailand. I would think that while you were making this book you would have witnessed the “training” involved using bullhooks and other torture devices used to break elephants into submission, not to mention the huge illegal animal trafficking problem in Thailand that a quick google search will verify. Please do not support any animal-related businesses in SE Asia, you are only giving money to torturers & traffickers. There are dozens of animal sanctuaries all over Thailand dedicated to stopping this like Wildlife Friends of Thailand. Elephants do not want to be beaten with bullhooks for tourist entertainment, they are very emotional and intelligent animals and there have been several cases were an elephant has gone crazy due to their horrific conditions which have killed tourists who should have known better than to ride on top of a wild animal. Please do not support the use of elephants for entertainment, it is torture for them.


  6. Thanks for your comment Tracy but it is not my guidebook.

  7. Richard I would like to be able to read this book to my nephew in Thai please.

  8. I would love to have the English copy of this book. It would be great for my family and the Thai students at the local university.

  9. Dear Richard,
    I’m a long-time follower and first-time commenter. My wife and I enjoy following your tweets and reading your blogs. We’d love to have a good guidebook to the elephant places. We’ve been wanting to go to the sanctuary in Chiangmai but not had a chace yet.
    Thank you. And keep up the fun exploration.
    Ps. If I get a copy, I’d like the English version, please.

  10. Richard, Thai or English will do…


  11. My whole family loves elephants and we’d certainly enjoy this book. English version please.

  12. Dear Richard,

    Thank you for all tweets and competitons!
    I would prefer English version, please.


  13. Richard,

    the english version would suite me better. Travelling to Thailand again in september, could be useful!

    Thank You for the competition!

  14. Richard you have lots of readers and twitter followers and you could use your position to educate people about the atrocities of the elephant entertainment industry. I’m sad to see that you are supporting this guide book.

  15. Thanks for your comment Ange. I do agree with you about the places that use elephants as a form of entertainment by making them do unnatural things. But do you know that there are elephant sanctuaries around Thailand where people and elephants can learn to live together? Have you visited any of these elephant camps? I don’t mean the zoos. I’m interested to see what firsthand research you have done as I would like to know more. This guidebook lists quite a few which I intend to follow up to see what they are like.

  16. The competition is now over. Thank you for your entry. There are two winners from the blog. All of the names were entered into a randomizer and the following are the top 5 names:

    1 Edwin Kime
    2 Beryl Hockey
    3 Ben
    4 Rakkhuntaofah
    5 Mafia

    Please note only the first two win a book. The others are spare just in case they don’t claim the prize. Congratulations!

  17. Ahh, just missed it! Do you know where this book is available for purchase?