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Pictures of Pattaya Music Festival 2011

This weekend, Thailand is hosting one of Asia’s biggest beach music festivals. The Pattaya International Music Festival, 18-20 March 2011,  is now in its tenth year and is bigger and better than ever. The opening night was on Friday which I attended. It continues over the weekend with both Thai and international singers.

Over 400,000 people are expected for this three day concert at various stages along  Beach Road. This stretch of road is three kilometres long which is why they are now calling it “The Longest Beach Music Festival in Asia”. The four main stages are Galaxy Stage located on Laem Bali Hai, Moon Stage on Pattaya Soi 4, Universal Stage at Central Pattaya and Reggae Stage at South Pattaya.

Over one hundred famous Thai and foreign artists are scheduled to perform during the  three day event. They represent different styles of music such as Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B and Rock. Some of the big Thai stars include Golf-Mike (see picture below), Da Endorphine, Potato, Paradox, Slot Machine (see picture above), Chin Chinawut, Ice Sarunyu, Namcha, Aof Pongsak, Punch, Sweet Mullet,  Blackhead, Bie The Star, Tai Oratai,  The Richman Toy and Modern Dog.

Last night I started at the Galaxy Stage which is at Laem Bali Hai, the southern end of Pattaya Beach Road. The opening ceremony took place at 7 p.m. and was attended by the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand as well as the Pattaya City Mayor. The opening song, by Golf-Mike and Vietrio, was an arrangement of H.M. The King’s song “Klai Roong”.

I stayed at the Galaxy Stage for an hour or so then decided to walk north up Beach Road. From Walking Street up as far as about Soi 4 the road had been closed and many vendors had set up shop selling everything from delicious food to handicraft and clothing. Also along the way were a couple of other smaller stages with bands performing. I found the biggest crowd at Universal stage which is just north of the Hard Rock Hotel. This one has the popular Thai pop singers.

More information about Pattaya Music Festival can be found on our festival blogs. We have the full schedule there for each of the main stages. All of the concerts are free to attend. Below are some more of the pictures that I took on Friday night. I also posted pictures on my Facebook last night. Feel free to add me as a friend if you use Facebook already.

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