Daily Archives: March 17, 2011

It Shouldn’t be so Cold in Thailand in March

Usually in Thailand we only get a week or so of cold weather. At least cold enough to turn off the air-conditioning. However, during the last winter season we had extended periods of cool temperatures that came back several times. By January, and certainly by February, the cool weather is supposed to be over and it starts warming up for the summer season. Indeed, last week was so hot that it actually felt that the height of summer had arrived already. But, here we are, mid-March, and we are back to the coldest day of the year. These “summer school” students came to school today with thick jackets and scarves.

I woke up this morning to temperatures of 19C/66F. It was too cold last night for the air-conditioning. At the moment it is even too cold to turn on the fan. I hear it is even colder in the North and Northeast of Thailand with temperatures dipping to 15 Celsius. I am flying up to Chiang Rai on Sunday so maybe I need to pack some warm clothes just in case. Not that I am complaining. The air is really fresh at the moment. As long as you are prepared and have an extra layering of clothing to put on then it is very pleasant indeed. It is actually great having this opportunity to wear a jacket while outside as I really do miss having the extra pockets. I wish it will last but the unsettled wet and cold weather is only expected to continue until the weekend.