Tattoo Festival at Wat Bang Phra 2011

One of the most bizarre festivals that I have ever attended in Thailand is the Tattoo Festival. This takes place at Wat Bang Phra temple in Nakhon Chaisi, about 50 kms west of Bangkok. This year it is on Saturday 19th March 2011. Wat Bang Phra is famous for its magically charged tattoos and amulets which can protect its wearer against harm and even speeding bullets. The temple was made famous by the late Luang Phor Boon and his devoted followers visit this temple every March to take part in a special “wai khru” ceremony and also to have their tattoos recharged.

The ceremony is scheduled to start at the auspicious time of 9.39 a.m.  However, it is a good idea to come early. We were there just before 7 a.m. At that time it is easier to park and also to find a good place to sit or stand to watch the proceedings. Although we had arrived early, there was already close on a thousand people there. Many of them were sitting on the ground facing the shrine for Luang Poh Pern. Others were making offerings to this former revered abbot of the temple. He was famous for making magical tattoos that could protect their wearer. Now his monks continue this practice.

I have two reports on this festival:

I won’t be able to go this year as I have another trip heading north to Chiang Rai at that time. I have marked the temple on the map below. Near this temple you will find Lampaya Floating Market. You might like to visit afterwards. Please feel free to post any questions in the comments form below.

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