Thai Street Food Challenge II

Six months have passed since I did the Thai Street Food Challenge. During September 2010, I ate just over 100 different street food dishes. The challenge was to only eat street food for one month, for every meal, with no repeats. Like most people who live in Thailand, I usually stick to half a dozen favourites that I usually repeat. So, it was a real challenge for me to try some new dishes. I think by the end I was starting to get a bit desperate and was eating ox tail and various dishes with animal innards. But, once finished I was really glad as I had discovered some new favourites. I was originally planning on waiting a year before doing it again but due to popular demand it will now be twice yearly.

So, the second part of my Thai Street Food Challenge starts today. I am sure I will be eating some of my favourites again but I will also be looking for some new dishes. Each weekend I will also visit a different floating market around Bangkok looking for something delicious. My rules are simple. I cannot eat in restaurants or places that have menus. The closest to a restaurant that I can eat at is a food shop but there cannot be a front wall or a door! It has to be open to the street. The biggest challenge for me is having to eat something spicy for breakfast. And as the days go by, I will have to go far in the mornings to find something new. I hope it doesn’t rain too often!

You can follow my food challenge live on Twitter at @EnjoyThaiFood. I will also update the Thai Street Food Photo Album on Facebook each evening as well as a summary on my Thai Food Blog.

3 responses to “Thai Street Food Challenge II

  1. silaphinemaolaew

    Thanks for another mouthwatering article; you have managed to make me feel homesick once again!

    Maybe your next culinary adventure could be sampling some Northern specialties?
    In my experience Northern foodseems to frowned upon by Thais from the Northeast and the deep South, for it is their belief it is to bland?

    Most Thai cooks and even proper chefs do not even know the first thing about Northern Thai cookery, such as nam prik ong (a medium spicy dipping sauce made with minced pork or beef, shallots, dried chillies, cherry tomatoes, garlic and coriander root, topped with crispy fried garlic).
    Another fave dish would be kao soi, a curried noodle soup with stewed beef.

    I would be in food heaven if I could find a restaurant that specialized in these things and it would be great if you could do some research on the matter and share your experience with us?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. How did you handle the insects! Surely after one month with no repeats, choices are hard to come by.

    I tried them but didn’t like it. I blame it on the cold oil. Maybe it could be good if served hot.

    Until then, I pass!

  3. We should always try things at least once. You just never know as you might find a new favourite.