Thai Censors Don’t Like Teenagers Kissing

Sometimes I think that the Thai Censor board have their priorities all wrong. Every night, in the Thai soap operas, we get scenes of men hitting and even raping women and then finally marrying them as if that made it alright. But, according to the Bangkok Post this morning, a brief shot of two teenagers, who are seen in a movie trailer about to kiss, is too immoral for our youth to watch. Their lips don’t even touch but the Office of Cultural Promotion want this cut from the trailer. Presumably, also from the yet to be released movie.

They are objecting as they are too young and also because the girl is in her student uniform. They are worried that students who watch the movie will get the wrong idea. Are they joking? Don’t they realize that Thai teenagers are doing this and a lot more? I remember reading in The Nation last year that nearly 100,000 teenage girls give birth every year. The youngest were only nine years old. These statistics don’t count all of the illegal back room abortions that we now know is very common.

This is the offending trailer (watch on youtube). See for yourself as to whether the movie will contribute to the corruption of Thai youth. The movie is called Love Julinsee (เลิฟ จุลินทรีย์ รักมันใหญ่มาก Ruk Man Yai Mak) and is due to be released in early March 2011. Personally I think that this kind of censorship will just encourage more people to go and watch the movie. What do you think about this decision of the censors? Should they focus on the real reasons why more Thai teenagers are getting pregnant these days?

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4 responses to “Thai Censors Don’t Like Teenagers Kissing

  1. To be honest I think the costume that Pardox’s bass player is wearing is far more likely to lead to the moral corruption of Thailand’s youth.

    Joking aside – when the long arm of the law deals with the widespread toleration of prostitution, the implicit sanction of domestic abuse in the soaps, and child labour, then maybe it will have earned the right to moralise on teenagers almost touching lips.

  2. The Office of Cultural Promotion (Censors) are certainly out of touch with today reality by adopting a “medieval” attitude.

  3. the reaction of some thai “nationalists’ shows how much hate they carry on foreigners and our great culture,trying systematically to reject their own sillyness and blatant failures on the greatest culture of freedom which ever existed on this planet:the western culture!

  4. It’s very interesting subject you brought up. I mean it doesn’t matter to hear this comment from a foreigner or a local, but it all matters when a voice is being made and heard.

    True, kissing in the western world is pretty common, but it carries the deep meaning depending on the intention of the kissers. The P.D.A.(Pblic Display Affection) in the far east seem unacceptable and often offends of the watchers. I would say it would be socially inappropriate to kiss in the government buildings or the religious places where there are tons of conservative folks whileas kissing in your private places or in the suggestive place ,e.g. clubs or bars is alright.

    I could imagine how I would think when I was a Thai teenager. The more you forbid, the more they would try to open the box of Pandora.

    Instead of censoring, why don’t we (the Phu Yai) explain our honest fear of causing the premarital problems amongst the young. It’s our job to lead the young with the proper rational explainations. It’s a new era of information for anyone who knows how to use the internet. Sooner or later, the young will discover. It’s the same idea why we should promote the sex-ed in schools. It’s not an embarrassing to tell the young to prepare for the possible issues might happen with them.

    Maybe, Thailand should really consider if the Censorship really solves the actual social problems. Or at least, the Phu Yai shouldn’t be hypocrytic themselves ,instead, they should learn how to tell the young the way of thinking maturely. Is the majority of Phuu Yai in Thailand that mature to lecture the young?