Monkeys at Bangsaen

One of the nearest places to Bangkok to go and see monkeys in the wild is probably at Sam Muk Hill [MAP]. This is very near to Bangsaen Beach which is in Chonburi Province. It should take just over an hour to reach there from Bangkok. There are a number of attractions in this area which you will see from my map. One of the most popular stops here is to go and see the very naughty monkeys on this hill. There are also some good views of the sea from the top.

I say that they are naughty because you really have to be careful with your personal belongings. If you are carrying a bag, or even just wearing a cap, be careful as they might try and snatch your things. I started to take pictures of the monkeys with my iPhone then changed my mind. I was worried one of them might take a fancy to it. Near the top of the hill there is a car park, where there are some vendors selling food for the monkeys.

As well as naughty monkeys grabbing your belongings, you also need to be careful of stowaways on your car or pick-up truck. I stopped briefly at one point to take some pictures and then drove off. A few minutes later I heard something jumping around on my car roof. One of them had decided to come along for the ride. Although it might be fun to see wild monkeys, we do need to act responsibly and only feed them food which is appropriate for them. It is not a good idea to feed them candy or fizzy drinks.

Have you seen monkeys in the wild in Thailand? Can you recommend any places to see them which is within easy reach from Bangkok?

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