Ambassador to Thailand Kristie Kenney

US Ambassador Kristie Kenney

On 10th January 2010, the Thai people will be able to welcome the first female United States Ambassador to Thailand. She is Ambassador Kristie Kenney. She was nominated by President Barack Obama back in July 2010 which was then confirmed by the US Senate in September 2010. Ambassador Kenney was previously the ambassador to The Philippines for about four years. She was reported to have been very saddened when it was time for her to leave.

Ambassador Kenney is very big on the use of social media, and before she left The Philippines she updated her Facebook status with:  “Heart broken to think of leaving the Philippines but know it is time for me to plan to return to be with my family. Calling on my FB friends to help me not be sad but to enjoy and savor my remaining months in this lovely country.” She is also a blogger and a prolific tweeter (@KristieKenney). In keeping with this, she has recorded this special youtube video with a message for the Thai people.

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