Smile Checkpoint at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Ask anyone about their first impressions of arriving in Thailand at Suvarnabhumi Airport and I am sure that many of them will comment about grumpy immigration staff. Thailand is supposed to be world famous for being the “Land of Smiles”. So, why don’t the airport staff live up to that promise? They say that there are hundreds of different kinds of Thai smiles. So, why can’t they use just one of them when welcoming tourists to Thailand? Can’t they at least pretend that they are pleased to welcome you to the Kingdom of Thailand?

The AOT have already tried to promote themselves as the “Airport of Smiles”. But, many people have commented that they have seen little change. Now comes their latest campaign. Passengers at the airport can now rate the smiles of employees in departments such as: Security, Information, Passport Check and Check in. All very well, but unless they follow up on this survey, it will just be a publicity stunt. What do you think about the smiles at the airport? Should they do more or is it good enough as it is now?

2 responses to “Smile Checkpoint at Suvarnabhumi Airport

  1. I still don’t care whether they smile or not if I have to line up for 40 mins in the immigration queue…. I would prefer five minutes and grumpy officers if it was up to me.

  2. Yes, here has been quite a few complaints recently about the long immigration queues. I guess that and grumpy officers makes for a very unwelcome welcome to Thailand