Thai Festivals in November 2010

November in Thailand sees some of my favourite festivals. These include Loy Krathong (21st November 2010), Surin Elephant Round-Up (20-21 November 2010), River Kwai Bridge Week (24 Nov-5 Dec 2010) and the Monkey Buffet Festival (28th November 2010). The sunflower season also kicks off in November. For a full list of upcoming Thai Festivals please visit my Thai Festival Blogs.

I went to see the Monkey Party a couple of years ago. I went for the weekend and stayed overnight in Lopburi. We didn’t book a hotel but it might be advisable to do so. On the same trip we also visited the sunflower fields and also Pasak Jolasid Dam. It was a great weekend and I really recommend that you go if you get the chance.

I haven’t been to the Surin Elephant Round-up yet but I’m also keen to travel up to see the light and sound show in Sukhothai. It’s the same weekend. Sukhothai is the place where Loy Krathong was supposedly first celebrated. Would be nice if I can go this year. When I first came to Thailand, about 16 years ago, I went to see the light and sound show during the River Kwai Bridge Week. I guess it is time for a return visit. I will try and visit again this year. Follow me on Twitter @RichardBarrow for all the latest news and events from Thailand and also news about my latest trips.

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