This Week in Thailand: 20th-26th August 2010

This is a review of what happened in Thailand during the last week based on topics that I tweeted. You can follow me live for latest news about Thailand @RichardBarrow.

Friday 20th August 2010:

  • US Presses Thailand on Extradition Case for Merchant of Death (VOA) #
  • Red Shirt v Yellow Shirt: Thailand’s political struggle (The Independent) #
  • WikiLeaks still available in Thailand & now at dedicated website (Straits Times) #
  • Ayutthaya, Chon Buri & Petchburi are shortlisted as host city for World Expo 2020 (The Nation) #
  • Interior Minister Chavarat suffers food poisoning after going to Banharn’s birthday bash /BkkPost #
  • Obituary for Allen Quicke, Editor-in-Chief of Asia Times Online, who died in Hua Hin on Tuesday night #
  • Appeals Court rules to extradite alleged arms dealer Viktor Bout to US to face terrorism charges /BkkPost #
  • Thailand: 2.3 million pay tax. 60,000 earn more than 4 million/year & 2,400 earn more than 10 million/year (BkkPost) #
  • Newsweek: Thailand rated 58th for World’s Best Countries. Rated for quality of life, political environment, education… #
  • AirAsia now flies Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai (already flies to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Krabi & Phuket) #
  • Puea Thai get permission from their fortune tellers to move Party HQ. New place has better feng shui #
  • Aussie Conor David Purcell, held over Thai protests can now go home #
  • Red Shirt Conor Purcell was sentenced to 45 days but is released as he has already spent 89 days waiting in a Thai jail! #
  • Remote-control aircraft crashes into Phuket temple – #

Saturday 21st August 2010:

Sunday 22nd August 2010:

Monday 23rd August 2010:

Tuesday 24th August 2010:

  • Thailand to resume diplomatic ties with Cambodia after the resignation of Thaksin (BBC) #
  • Piranha 3D Sequel Announced, Might Be Set in Thailand at Full Moon #
  • King’s rainmakers take to skies to ease Thai drought – #
  • ‘Merchant of Death’ in Thailand transferred to isolation cell #
  • Today is the Hungry Ghost Festival (Sart Chin Day) in Thailand for people with Chinese ancestors. #
  • Miss Thailand Fonthip Watcharatrakul wins Miss Photogenic & national costume awards at Miss Universe 2010 /MCOT #
  • Thailand’s Largest Buddhist Temple Goes Wireless #
  • Canadian tourist dies in fall from train in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand #
  • Victor Bout to be extradited on Wednesday to US. Heavy security will escort him from Bang Kwang to the airport /Nation #
  • @Saksith Also, I think someone wants to get rid of a hot potato quickly. They had 3 months to deport Victor Bout in reply to Saksith #
  • This fad may kill you: Korean trends tagged with deadly warnings in Thailand by @bkkapologist #
  • Top 10 favourite iPhone apps for @ladykarla45 #
  • @ladykarla45 I am new to iPhone (smartphones) too so any suggestions are good! In fact I haven’t been doing twitter long! in reply to ladykarla45 #
  • Video of NGV car on fire on Theparak Rd, Samut Prakan today (media there before fire trucks) #
  • Chelsea to play in Thailand for the first time in 14 years during its off-season tour ahead of the 2011-12 season (AP) #
  • What happens if you eat nothing but Thai street food for a month? Save money and put on weight or the other way round? #
  • Soon I will try an experiment to see if I will save money by eating out every day. Follow my quest at @EnjoyThaiFood #
  • RT @thethaireport: If you buy food from a local market & cook it yourself, it’s cheaper than eating out => I disagree! #
  • I usually cook most of my meals and I do a mixture of Western and Thai dishes. Ingredients can be expensive. So can electricity bill. #
  • I reckon if I eat out every day I will ultimately save money on my supermarket and electricity bills. #
  • My experiment will start on 1 Sep and last one month. You can follow the Thai food adventures incl. pics @EnjoyThaiFood #

Wednesday 25th August 2010:

  • After Years of Upheaval, Not All Is Well With Thailand?s Youth – – #
  • News crews have been staking out Bang Kwang Prison all night waiting for Victor Bout to be extradited /via @thaicam #
  • Chelsea promise top squad for friendly in Thailand in July 2011 (Bangkok Post) – #
  • Some sources say there are still charges against Viktor Bout so legally he cannot leave until they’re dropped. #
  • Statement from Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding Viktor Bout’s case #
  • Armed guards outside prison but no sign of convoy taking Victor Bout to military airbase /via @Coalporter #
  • Viktor Bout’s wife on edge, throws water bottle at cameraman in front of Bang Kwang Prison /via @Coalporter #
  • Map showing Bang Kwang Prison, where Viktor Bout is held, in relation to the airport #
  • Viktor Bout won’t be extradited to the US this morning as not all cases have been cleared. No indication of when yet. #
  • Sirichoke Sopha, a Dem MP denies having asked Viktor Bout to implicate Thaksin in arms trade during his visit /BkkPost #
  • Gen Sonthi Boonyaratkalin has written a book “The Truth” about the Sept 19, 2006 coup. Published soon! /BkkPost #
  • Yellow Shirt protest along Cambodian border foiled by Thai troops (Phnom Penh Post) #

Thursday 26th August 2010:

  • Sondhi led 79 PADs to report themselves to [police] to acknowledge charges on two airport seizures in 2008 /TANN #
  • Viktor Bout’s lawyer stayed overnight at Bang Kwan prison, citing he doesn’t trust the Thai gov’t /via @Juarawee #
  • Live broadcast with multi-cameras on CH.3 showing a 300 kilo Thai woman being forklifted out of her apartment. #
  • They are trying to fit the 300 kilo woman into an ambulance now. Live broadcast continues on CH.3 #
  • Pics of “forklift” & the 300 kilo Thai woman /via @bangkokgovernor #
  • Pic of @bangkokgovernor holding umbrella as 300 kilo Thai woman is extracted from her apartment #
  • Leicester ‘takeover’ yet to be ratified by Football League as “fit & proper” check has not been done #
  • Another foreigner has been arrested for alleged involvement in the anti-government red shirt protests #
  • Keith Bush was arrested when he flew into Suvarnabhumi Airport. An arrest warrant said he tried to burn down a town hall. #
  • A 130 meter long skywalk between Makkasan Station and MRT subway on Phetchaburi Rd will be complete next year /BkkPost #
  • 300-kilogram Thai woman takes crane to hospital #
  • BMA ready to cancel BRT in 4 months if BKK residence not satisfied, admits 60% of car owners not happy /via @Tulip_Oum #
  • Vegetarian Festival starts 7th October 2010. I will “gin jay” for 10 days. Follow my vegetarian adventure @EnjoyThaiFood #
  • This afternoon, HRH Princess Srirasmi, the Princess Consort to the Crown Prince, flew to Laos
  • 274-kilogramme Thai woman has a tumor in her right leg. Leaves home for first time in 3 years #
  • If they decide to cancel the BRT bus service, they should consider China’s straddling bus #
  • “Bangkok blames the international media” by the BBC’s Alastair Leithead (@aleithead) #
  • Alastair Leithead: Social media, especially Twitter, saw a frenzy of anti-media sentiment which verged on a witch hunt #
  • RT @somtow: BACC turned off the air con during our concert!!! RT: @Trisdee: So much for Bangkok’s support for the arts #
  • This evening, Princess Chulabhorn flew to the Republic of Korea. She will return on 1 Sep. #

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