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This Week in Thailand: 30 July-5 August 2010

This is a review of what happened in Thailand during the last week based on topics that I tweeted. You can follow me live for latest news about Thailand @RichardBarrow.

Friday 30th July 2010:

  • At about 3am @js100radio reported an explosion on Soi Rangnam on Phaya Thai Road in Bangkok. One person badly injured. #
  • Sadly, with the news of another bomb explosion, it looks like it is time for me to do a Bangkok Dangerous map again. #
  • World Heritage Committee postpones decision on Cambodian’s management plan until next year #UNESCO /TANN #
  • Grenade in plastic bag explodes on Rangnam Rd near King Power; one person seriously hurt – Map: http://bit.ly/9×0dRO #
  • Map of Bangkok Dangerous (July-August 2010 edition): Latest explosions & demonstrations in Bangkok http://bit.ly/cQ2mmT #
  • RT @DwightTurner: It’s never a good thing when @RichardBarrow makes a map of your neighborhood #Bangkok http://bit.ly/cN4uC7 #
  • RT @GLivingstone: We’re due to visit Bangkok in 10 days time, should we reconsider? => Bangkok is a big place. Should be fine. #
  • 16-yr-old boy to report to juvenile detention ctr today. If detained, Chiang Rai Reds will tie red ribbons /via @Thai_Talk #
  • Veera has been freed on a Bt6 million bail. He has to report to court every 15 days and can’t leave Thailand /via @tulsathit #
  • Dep PM Suthep says he is not satisfied with work of Thai intelligence units in wake of bomb blasts /BkkPost #
  • In 1 year at Suvarnambhumi, 5,454 illegal taxi drivers and 9,142 guides have been arrested & fined 500-1,000 baht #
  • New law at Suvarnambhumi this month. Illegal taxis & guides will now face up to 5 years in prison http://bit.ly/bndrxG #
  • SOE: Bangkok, ChiangMai, KhonKaen, NakhonRatchasima, UbonRatchathani, UdonThani, SamutPrakan, Nonthaburi, PathumThani… #
  • PAD told to be careful at their upcoming Thai-Cambodia border rally (Bangkok Post) http://bit.ly/9BKysc #
  • UNESCO: Thailand’s potential withdrawal from the WHC would not affect the status of any of its World Heritage sites. #
  • Cambodia: Thai threats of noncooperation with UNESCO were an “insult” to the world body http://bit.ly/bKloXZ #

Weekend 31st July – 1st August 2010:

  • Video interview from a secret location abroad with Jakrapob Penkair by @seacorro for ABC’s Lateline http://j.mp/d6zp0Y #
  • Over the past 4 years, there has been a 40% increase in obesity among Thai children under the age of 6 /BkkPost #
  • Photo exhibition at BAAC in Bangkok: Cultural Landscape from the 4 Regions of Thailand. Until 22 August. #
  • 32% of population in Thailand are in urban areas. Indonesia 48%, Malaysia 68% & South Korea 81% http://bit.ly/aTCB1v #
  • The Straits Times interview with Thai PM Abhisit http://bit.ly/cKTWD4 #
  • I’m on my way to the island Koh Phi Sua Samut in the Chao Phraya River to check on progress of the bridge. http://yfrog.com/5l19wj #
  • Phi Sua Samut island in Samut Prakan has a fortress which will be a new tourist attraction. http://yfrog.com/86k9ij #
  • Phra Samut Chedi used to be on a island too. You can still see where they used to tie up boats. http://yfrog.com/5xxfjij #
  • The Paknam Train Monument looks finished. This commemorates the first railway in Thailand. http://yfrog.com/0rvxdtj #
  • 2.24pm: M79 found in Government House, undetonated. Bomb Squad attending – Map: http://bit.ly/b6ZPM5 /via @Tulip_Oum #
  • At the moment, it is looking like the grenade found at Government House was left over from the time it was occupied. #
  • TIME WARNER: Hangover 2, which will start shooting in Autumn 2010, will help “promote tourism” in Thailand /via @veen_NT #
  • Thai-Cambodia border ‘normal’ but Thai military on high alert (MCOT) http://bit.ly/b84rwh #
  • Stop the oil drilling, Koh Samui islanders tell government (The Nation) http://j.mp/93TzTi #
  • Tourists to face closer monitoring in Thailand as process is computerized http://j.mp/9trrZt #
  • If you stay at a Thai friend’s house, they must report you to immigration within 24 hours http://j.mp/c2JlBB #
  • 1st August: Today is National Thai Women’s Day (??????????) in Thailand. #
  • PM said the [yellow shirt] rally outside UNESCO Bangkok made WHC postpone discussions on Preah Vihear to 2011 /BkkPost #
  • For those of you interested, you can read or download the Thai Immigration Act online here: http://bit.ly/cNhDV1 #
  • Picture of the new large aqueduct crossing Sukhumwit Road. http://yfrog.com/cb29957770j #
  • VIDEO: Great to see such an enthusiastic crowd of supporters at this Thai football match. http://yfrog.us/0eq67z #
  • I am taking pictures at the Samut Prakan FC vs. Prachinburi United football match in Bang Phli. http://yfrog.com/mal0jj #
  • They have at least five foreigners in Samut Prakan FC team. At present we are at the top of Division 2. #
  • Red Shirts are now doing regular mini-demos every week in Bangkok. Nothing for tourists to be concerned about. #
  • Picture of red shirt protesters at Democracy Monument “The Killing Fields” http://twitpic.com/2an1sy /via @netphoto #
  • PHUKET: This year’s monsoon season has brought with it a sad rise in the number of drowning deaths http://bit.ly/caOVX3 #

Monday 2nd August 2010:

Tuesday 3rd August 2010:

  • The latest victim of the Red Shirt crackdown has died bringing the total to 91. He was cremated on Sunday /BkkPost #
  • Happy 46th Birthday to PM Abhisit who marked the occasion by giving food to monks in front of his house. #
  • Thai students at Sriwittayapaknam School using their smart ID card to buy food. http://twitpic.com/2b4jx4 #
  • Video showing students at Sriwittayapaknam School using smartcards to buy food. http://twitvid.com/QEHEW #
  • 16 year old student who held a banner “I see dead people at Ratchaprasong” will be rehabilitated http://bit.ly/cJTRhf #
  • Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has been selected as the new national army chief replacing Gen Anupong Paojinda /BkkPost #
  • 25 years in Thailand’s sex industry @cnngo http://bit.ly/dkDIIT #
  • RT @bm_: How many tourists are there at any given time? => Thai Immigration chief says 80,000 daily http://bit.ly/bPMRlD #
  • A man, 60, was arrested for sending SMS messages deemed offending the monarchy to VIPs including PM Abhisit /BkkPost #
  • The Queen of Thailand and CNN (Andrew Marshall @djinn9) http://bit.ly/bhWANZ #
  • Extended ABC interview with #redshirt in hiding Jakrapob Penkair by @seacorro http://bit.ly/bdrkb0 #
  • Cabinet resolves to maintain VAT at 7% until September 2012, citing fragile economy / MCOT #
  • Thai Queen: “I feel proud that you stood up to respond to the foreign journalists in a forthright way” http://bit.ly/9ilEXL #
  • Thai Cabinet approved a proposal to create a new province in Isaan called “Bueng Kan” /via @MaewNam http://bit.ly/bLomAM #
  • The Criminal Court has rejected a new request for the release of UDD leader Korkaew Pikulthong on bail /BkkPost #
  • Many people in government & other organizations are taping messages for The Queen’s birthday. These will be shown on NBT. #
  • Today the Governor of Samut Prakan videoed his segment that will be broadcast on NBT on 12th Aug http://bit.ly/9vLLe5 #

Wednesday 4th August 2010:

  • Mother gives birth to a baby girl while stuck in a traffic jam in Bangkok. http://twitpic.com/2bdj41 #
  • Songsak: Creation of the 77th province would “rid the country of bad luck” as 77 is an auspicious number /BkkPost #
  • Suthep warns of car bomb threats in Bangkok’s business districts this month incl. Silom & Yaowarat /BkkPost #
  • National Science & Technology Fair starts this weekend at BITEC 7-23 August 2010. About 1.3 million visitors expected. #
  • BkkPost: Government receives warning on possible “car bombs” in Bangkok business districts – Map http://bit.ly/acTjBw #
  • Suspect in bombing near King Power arrested, implicates masterminder; police seeking warrant /MCOT http://bit.ly/ciDGSw #
  • Prosectors defer again until Oct 7 decision whether to indict 9 PAD leaders with the seizure of Govt House /BkkPost #
  • Thai “Red Shirt” arrested over blast http://bit.ly/bfMYmx #
  • Bangkok changes colour (Aljazeera Video) http://bit.ly/cmaVFb #
  • Photo Gallery: Bangkok’s shophouses, in all their chaotic, cramped glory @CNNGo http://bit.ly/cjc58J #

Thursday 5th August 2010:

  • A Thai soldier using a “bomb detector” on the Thai-Lao border in Nong Khai http://yfrog.com/myma4j /via @silentfoot #
  • Is @KornDemocrat very tall for a Thai person or is @PM_Abhisit just very short? http://twitpic.com/2bkmnd #
  • 16 years ago I towered over everyone at my school. Now, due to drinking milk every day, many are just as tall as me. #
  • RT @silentfoot: @KornDemocrat is very tall, I’ve seen him in person. @PM Abhisit is just average I think? #
  • Only around 10% of the Thai population are estimated to be paying income tax /BkkPost #
  • Australia issues travel advisory to 10 provinces in Thailand, incl Bkk, after terror warnings from govt /TANN #
  • Travel advice for Australians: High degree of caution for Thailand (overall level has not changed) http://bit.ly/9j8KXW #
  • RT @SuraphonTAT: International tourist arrivals at Phuket Airport July ’10 total 115,226 – 40.92% increase on July ’09 #
  • Suthep warns PAD not to converge on Govt House this Saturday or they will be charged under emergency law /BkkPost #
  • Military shakeup could derail Thai peace moves (Reuters) http://bit.ly/98OL2v #
  • Thai Baht Rises to 15-Week High on Inflows; Intervention a Risk (Bloomberg) http://bit.ly/cBmmLL #
  • The first railway in Thailand went from Bangkok to Paknam in Samut Prakan http://bit.ly/chGnf8 #
  • Russian conductor pulls out of BBC Proms after he is accused of raping 14-year-old Thai boy http://bit.ly/dqaIfF #
  • Phuket PAD off to Bangkok for Preah Vihear protest http://bit.ly/a4rYhF #
  • Al Jazeera TV is ready to compete with CNN & BBC in Asia and will set up an office in Bangkok soon /via @somkiatonwimon #
  • Vets Treat Elephant Land Mine Victim In Thailand http://n.pr/dhv3cq #

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