Smiling Fruits Festival at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Mr. Nirun Thiranartsin, the Suvarnabhumi Airport Director, presided over the opening ceremony of the “Smiling Fruits @ Suvarnabhumi Airport” this morning at the airport. The fruit festival is for promoting the various Thai fruits to international passengers arriving and departing from Suvarnabhumi Airport. Between 16th-30th June 2010, passengers and visitors will be able to experience the taste of a variety of different Thai fruits for free. This will take place at two different locations at the airport. For departing passengers on the 4th floor you will find the Thai fruit stand near Row D. For arriving passengers on floor 2, you will find the fruit stand near Belts 19-20.

In each season in Thailand, there is an abundance of fruit, but the month of June is when there are the most kinds of seasonal fruit. This in turn has created a fruit festival in various provinces of the country.

  1. “Fruit” demonstrates the abundance, freshness and happiness of Thailand and is one of the many characteristics of the country.
  2. “Smiles” displays happiness. The warm welcome is a symbol of the Thai people and shows the joy in all regions of the country.
  3. “Smiling Fruits” is an image that is exceptionally beautiful in the welcoming of passengers who come to Thailand through Suvaranabhumi Airport during the 2010 Fruit Festival.

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