Explore the Shrines in Ratchaprasong

We get many letters from people, mainly Asians, asking if the important shrines of the Ratchaprasong area are still open due to the red shirt protests. The quick answer is that “yes, they are” but you will need to be careful when you go to these shrines to pray for good luck. However, as they are in the heart of the Red Lands, any danger is not immediate as the Reds have a large buffer zone around this area. The most famous shrine, of course, is this one called The Erawan Shrine. It is an image of Brahma and is in front of Erawan Bangkok. There used to be many flower sellers here but today I only saw one. You need to buy a white lotus or any white flower and also 12 joss sticks. The festive day is on 9th November. The shrine is right on the corner close to the stage but it is relatively easy to gain entrance via BTS Chitlom.

The next shrine is Indra and is noticeable by his green skin. He holds a lightning bolt. It is to the left of Amarin Plaza as you face it. This plaza is one of the few malls around here that is still open. This shrine also has one flower seller there as there weren’t many worshippers. You need to buy a white or red lotus, a white rose or any kind of fragrant flower. This shrine has easy and safe access from BTS Chitlom.

The next shrine is on the other side of the road at the front of the Inter-Continental Hotel. It is Narayana on Garuda. Another name for this God is Vishnu and is one of the three great gods of Hinduism. You will need a white lotus, Cape marigold, white orchid or a jasmine. The festive day is 18th May. You will need to bring your own flowers because the hotel is actually closed. The security guard allowed me to approach the shrine to take this picture. But, I am not sure if he will allow you to worship there. There is quick and safe access from BTS Chitlom.

The next shrine is at the southern end of Central World. It is Ganesha who is part man and part elephant. A red rose, red lotus, jasmine flower or Cape marigold flower is needed to worship here. I didn’t see any flower sellers when I went. The area in front of Central World is relatively empty but it is a ten minute walk from the safety of BTS Chitlom. The festive day is 2nd December.

The last shrine is also in front of Central World at the Isetan end. It is Trimurti and is the manifestation of the three supreme gods: Brakma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer. The most auspicious flower to worship with is bel leaf. But you can also use a white lotus or any fragrant yellow petalled flower. The festive day is 2nd December. When I was there today there was no danger at all and I felt very safe. But, please be aware that the situation could change rapidly. Please check with the news before you go and be prepared to leave quickly at the first sign of any trouble.

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