Red Shirts Rally in Samut Prakan

The mass red shirt rallies organized to topple the Thai government have now started. Today, red shirts from provinces surrounding Bangkok took part in mini rallies in their local areas. Tomorrow, they will march into Bangkok to be joined by countless thousands of red shirts from every region of Thailand for the big rally starting on Sunday.

These are pictures that I took of the red shirt rally in Samut Prakan this morning. There was an estimated 4-5,000 people there. The rally started at the City Hall area where the people listened to speeches. They then paid respect to the statue of King Rama V. I believe they were doing this for good luck as tomorrow they will be heading into Bangkok.

These are some of the red shirt security guards that surrounded the mobile stage. They were protecting the red shirt leaders. They all wore special id cards because there have been reports of people pretending to be red shirts in order to cause damage to their reputation.

Some of the red shirts posing in front of the statue of King Rama V. Everyone was very friendly and relaxed. There was no danger here at all despite reports from the government that the rallies might turn violent.

The red shirts are paying respect to statue of King Rama V. In the background is the provincial hall. The entrance was blocked off by police wearing riot gear. THe red shirt leaders announced that the Governor must be on their side as he let them rally at the City Hall Plaza.

They next left the city hall to parade through the town to the City Pillar to again wish for good luck on their journey tomorrow into Bangkok. Here they are passing the police station and the courthouse. Both of them had riot police guarding the entrances. However, there was no danger.

They must have blocked traffic for about an hour as they marched through town. I was running on ahead of the parade. Some shopkeepers quickly closed up shop. Maybe worried of potential violence as we have been brainwashed by the government. One classic Western movie scene I saw was a mother running out from a shop house and shouting at her young child to get in quickly.

Along the way we passed Bangkok Bank. Last week two branches in Samut Prakan were bombed. The police here were guarding the entrance. Maybe expecting problems. But, again, the parade passed by with no incident.

We were posting live from the rally and parade on various sites. Mainly on Twitter @RichardBarrow. But, I also managed a couple of moblogs at You can also see several hundred pictures over at We are now about to leave to go to the big red shirt rally at the Stadium in Bang Phli. We will post live pictures via twitter.

7 responses to “Red Shirts Rally in Samut Prakan

  1. “Maybe worried of potential violence as we have been brainwashed by the government.”

    Brainwashed eh? There were five bombs down here in Surat Thani this morning. To be fair it was stated that they probably weren’t intended to cause injury but funnily that doesn’t appease me. It brought it home to me that the threat of violence, from either side, is very real. I’d love to get just five minutes alone with one of the pathetic cowards who decided to plant a bomb in my town…

  2. wow, this reminds me of the philippines, always rallies and trouble with the government

  3. Sorry to hear about the bombs in Surath Thani. But, the latest I heard that it hasn’t been connected to the red shirt situation yet. Could just be a local dispute. What I have said before is that there are people out there trying to cause trouble and then blame it on the red shirts.

  4. the situation here is still alright 😀 i live near the protest place 🙁 but no one get hurt and surprisingly … good traffic today

  5. Enough of the nonsense against the Red Shirt. While the Red has been unruly some of the time, the Yellow are not any better and in fact worse by assuming they have backings of the royalties and wreck more havoc.

    The old bureacrats and military should step away and fade out of the scene.

  6. I agree with you, red or yellow protest will disrupt the smooth flow of the country. Should not pass any comments on who is more rowdy or unruly. there is not one colour worse than the other.

  7. i was just wondering will all this be done by 10th april, as i will be travelling to thailand then.. i would be greatful if u could tell me.. thank you