Wanted Poster for Thaksin “sells” for US$58,600 on ebay!

A few days ago, a user called “musicxpresso” put up for sale on ebay a wanted poster for Thaksin and his wife for a mere 99 cents. The photo showed the massive banner used as the backdrop for one of the yellow shirts stages while they occupied the Government House area. However, if you read the badly worded description (obviously not done by a native English person), you will see that the poster is a mere 30 cms x 21 cms! Despite this, and after a mention on several Thai news sites, including the popular pantip.com, the auction price quickly rose to US$58,600 with still another four days to go as of last night! However, when I checked this morning I only got this message on ebay “Bidding has ended on this item”. So, did it really sell for 1.8 million baht? I personally don’t think so. Using Google cache I was able to grab the image above and then from there I was able to get the bidding history. Now it would seem that the seller cancelled all bids and ended the auction early. I wonder why. Is it because there are now other items out there with the same picture selling for only $2? Looks like someone was trying a scam.

This is probably the banner that bidders thought they were buying. I took this picture in the government house grounds. It was hanging on a captured police van.

This is probably the poster actually for sale which were dime a dozen.

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