5 Million Baht Toilet at Thai Temple

Toilets in Thailand don’t exactly have the best of reputations. They are often dirty, smelly and not well-looked after. They are also nearly always squat toilets. Now comes the news that the temple toilets at Wat Bang Phli Yai Nai in Samut Prakan have recently built a toilet block which rivals any in a five star hotel. The toilets are reported to have cost as much as 5 million baht.

As you enter the toilets, you will find a shoe rack outside for changing your shoes. You then enter through an automatic glass door. Inside it is all air-conditioned. The room is divided into six toilets for women and six for men. In addition there is a separate section with urinals for men. In the middle of the room there is a garden with plants and fountains.

The room is beautifully decorated with mirrors and exquisite lighting. Everywhere there are sensors. You can flush the toilets with the wave of your hand. The hand basins also have optical sensors and the water will start running as you put your hands under the tap. The same goes for the hand dryers. The toilets have full-time attendants who keep the place spotless.

The temple and nearby market receive a lot of tourists and now these visitors have a place to relieve themselves in comfort. Knowing Thai people, I reckon these toilets will also become a tourist attraction. They were featured on a popular Channel 9 programme on Monday night. Almost straight away, we noticed a spike on our www.paknam.com website. People were coming in searching for the name of the temple in Thai. I reckon this weekend, these toilets at the temple will be very crowded with tourists. Will you be there?

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