Daily Archives: November 12, 2009

Twelve Giants at the Airport

At the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, you will find six pairs of giant demons that stand guard at each of the entrances. They are facing inwards towards the ubosot as if they were protecting the Emerald Buddha. These giants were built during the reign of King Rama III and each represent an important character in the Ramakian story. When the new Suvarnabhumi Airport was built a few years ago, they also decided to have their own giants. Twelve of them, measuring six meters high and each wearing more than ton were built at a cost of 30 million baht. They were put in the arrival lounge on the 2nd floor.

On November 9th, Airports of Thailand President Serirat Prasutanond presided over a Brahman ceremony to move the twelve giant demons to a new location. Serirat told the press that passengers often overlooked these giants and that it was decided that they should be moved up to the check-in area on the fourth floor where they would be more appreciated. Also, the area, behind check-in counters D-R, is more spacious and easier for people to take pictures. He went on to deny that the move had anything to do with the shopkeepers complaining of bad luck that has been plaguing them since the airport was opened in 2006.

The cost of the move would be more than 1.5 million baht and it would take them an estimated 90 days to finish the task.