Daily Archives: November 8, 2009

High Tide Floods in Paknam

The rainy season has already come to an end. There has been no rain the last two weeks in Samut Prakan. However, this was the view this morning in Paknam. This is not rain water. This is sea water that swamps the city during the daily high tides during November every year. The Chao Phraya River is at its highest level with all the run-off from up north. This coupled with the high tide means that the sea becomes higher than the main road through town for three to four hours. These are scheduled floods. However, they never close the roads and we hardly ever see any policemen on duty.

In places the road has been turned into a river with a strong under current. You really need to watch your step as you can easily be pulled over or step into an uncovered manhole. The high tide flood this morning wasn’t as bad as previous days. However, the main road was still up to my knees for nearly four hours. Then as quickly as it came, the water went down and within three hours the roads were bone dry as if nothing had happened. That is until next time. We are expecting another flood tomorrow at 11.32 a.m.

Most of the water comes up from the storm drains and through gaps in the sea wall. In this picture, you can see what almost looks like rapids coming down from the Provincial Courthouse. This building is alongside the river. The kids are having some fun playing in the water alongside the road. However, I don’t think this is the cleanest of water. I certainly felt I needed to take a shower as soon as I got back home. However, as the city is slowing sinking into the sea, we probably should get used to this.

I always find it strange that even though we have high tide floods like this every year, people still try and drive their cars and motorbikes through the water. So many broke down and had to be towed out. Having your engine flooded by flood water is one thing. But, this is salt water, it is not exactly good for your car. I also find it strange that the police just don’t close the road for three hours to small cars and motorcycles. By the time they got to the intersection it was too late.

We will have floods like this for a couple more days. However, there will be more and it is best to avoid the Clock Tower intersection in Samut Prakan on the following dates: 16th-25th November 2009, 1st-11th December 2009, 15th-24th December 2009 and 30th-31st December 2009. I have been posting pictures in the Samut Prakan Forums. I also shot a video this morning which is now in the Paknam Video Blogs. It is not the deepest flood of this week but you should get the idea. All latest news for Samut Prakan Province is posted over at www.paknam.com.