How to cook… Pork Soup

This is the Thai version of pork soup that is a little on the spicy side. In the ingredients below you can see diced potatoes, pork, carrots, Chinese celery, lime, stock cube, bird eye chillies and plum tomatoes. You could use chicken instead of pork.

Boil the pork in the stock until nearly cooked. Add the carrots and potatoes and continue to boil until cooked. Next add the plum tomatoes and Chinese celery. Season with fish sauce, salt and sugar. Take it off the heat and add the lime juice and slightly crushed bird eye chillies. We will have another Thai Food Recipe for you next week at and

3 responses to “How to cook… Pork Soup

  1. It’s one of my favourite Western-like dishes from Thailand!

  2. Is there a broth base to this dish or does the pork make the broth stock ?



  3. I love Thailand – mostly for the people and their food (the added bonus is the gorgeous weather & country side)! Whilst in Chiang Mai in April 10 with my husband & 2 yo daughter, we were lucky enough to have a gorgeous pork soup. I’ve come back to Australia thinking the web would divulge this wonderful recipe but through no lack of trying I have been unable to find a similar recipe. This is where I’m asking for your assistance. If anyone knows of or has the recipe for the following dish I would be endlessly grateful! Dish from Chiang Mai was described in english to us as: Spicy Northern Thai Pork Noodle Soup. It consisted of a clear spicy broth, pork mince, pork balls, noodles, crushed peanuts, coriander and a plethora of other ingredients that made up a divine taste senstation. Again, please let me know if you have a recipe for this delicious spicy soup! (& yes we like Thai hot, not nit noi prik western style)