Daily Archives: October 13, 2009

Candlelight Procession at Phra Samut Chedi

On the evening of the fourth day of the Phra Samut Chedi Temple Fair, it is traditional for the local people to come together to take part in chanting and a candlelight procession around the pagoda. This happens every year and it is always a beautiful sight. The best way to come to this temple is by ferry boat from Paknam Market. The pagoda and temple buildings are all lit up and the reflection on the water is both colourful and beautiful.

The chanting was done by some monks in the European style pavilion. Housed in this pavilion is a statue of King Rama II whose idea it was to build this temple. Once the chanting was over, the Governor and the Abbot led other people in a candlelight procession around the pagoda. This was done three times in a clockwise direction. As there were hundreds of people, the flickering lights were really beautiful.

I have posted more pictures of this event on the Samut Prakan Forums. We have a lot of festivals and events going on at the moment and you can read all about it at our www.Paknam.com website. You won’t find any of these events in guidebooks such as Lonely Planet or the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s website.