Thai Website: Thailand Guidebook

One of my favourite websites is our own It started as a student project where they put together information on every province in Thailand. A large group of students worked together to type up information provided to us by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). It was a simple site with no high ambitions but the Lonely Planet for Thailand gave us a good plug in their guidebook. Over the years the guidebook website has grown immensely. Although the Thai students are no longer involved, two of the original team have now graduated from university and are working on this project full-time. We are constantly updating the website with information gathered from tourist attractions around the country as and when we visit them. Unlike other websites, 100% of the photos were taken by our own team. We still have a good relationship with the TAT who sometimes invite us on press trips to visit new tourist attractions around the country. However, we are proud of our independence. If we don’t like a place or we don’t think it is good value for money, we will make that clear.


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