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Thai Website: Thailand Life

One of the first Thai bloggers in Thailand was Panrit “Gor” Daoruang who started back in 1997 when he was only 12 years old. He was blogging about his daily life at a time when people didn’t really know what blogs were all about. For him it started as a school project to write a mini website which had at least six pages which described in words and pictures his life in Thailand. Most students left it at that, but as it turned out, Gor had a lot more to write about. Over the years he wrote about the ups and downs of his Thai life at school and then his married life. He also wrote about his dark side about when he became addicted to drugs. He became so famous that he was often interviewed for foreign newspapers and a few television shows. He was also contacted by the Bangkok Post to write a regular weekly column for them called “Gor’s World” when he was only 16 years old. He published part one of his autobiography, called “Gor’s Thailand Life”, when he was 21. Although he has been in prison for the last three years, interest in his story still grows. Gor has now been released and will soon be writing about his life in prison as well as his Thailand life.

Website: http://www.thailandlife.com