Thai Website: Listen to Thai Music for Free

The website started out as a way for people to learn the Thai language. We have a popular website at for people wanting to learn the Thai language. So we were always on the lookout for new ways for people to learn the language. Listening to songs seemed a great way to do this. So, we provided some sound clips of popular songs with the lyrics printed out in Thai. For the next step we provided the “karaoke English” so that people could try and sing along. Then, after people started asking what the song was about, we put a team of volunteers together to translate many of these songs. Today the website has developed into one of the most popular Thai Song websites on the internet with over 1,000 songs. Now our aim seems to be more promoting Thai songs and musicians to the world. Many people fell in love with Thai music while on holiday and when they went home they searched for more songs. On the site we have links for each song where you can buy the music CD on the Internet. This is an affiliate link and judging by the statistics, we have been responsible for the sale of thousands of dollars worth of Thai music.


One response to “Thai Website: Listen to Thai Music for Free

  1. This is the only free thai songs site with english lyrics so far I’ve come across.They are so generous to let us sample the complete songs without interuption.
    We foreign listeners are very grateful to you,Richard and team in putting so much effort by also helping us grasp the pronunciation of the beautiful thai language with ease.