Suan Lum Night Bazaar

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The Suan Lum Night Bazaar, I thought, would be open all through the night, or better still, open 24×7. It however remains open from 18.00 to 00 hours. Even then, the feel and ambiance is really unique. There are small and compact shops and the market is more orderly than Chatuchak. Bargaining is now a days simple- the vendor would come out with a calculator and keypad the price. You in turn can punch in the price you are willing to offer. To some extent the emotions are out, unless of course you are a die hard shopper. Bargaining is an interesting and difficult art, anthropologically, it is termed as negative exchange. However, it also offers intense scope for social exchange with dramatic possibilities.

If one gets a good bargain, one tends to buy more. If not for one self, one could take something as a gift for others. In an academic sense, there is only one department in marketing, and that is pricing.

Sometime back I had found the River City as a new experience. This time it was the Night Bazaar. I hope the experiment continues for new markets. The photograph below eminently heralds the Night Bazaar-

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