More Old Photos of Bangkok

In this old picture from Bangkok, King Rama V is posing with members of the royal family in a motorcar around the start of the 20th Century.

This is a motorcar parade in Bangkok in 1908 which shows the growing popularity of cars in Thailand. Many new roads were built in this period despite that only a privileged few could own cars.

The final old photograph for today is a rickshaw in front of Hua Lampong Train Station which was completed in 1916. Notice the cars all parked in front of the station. This is a well-known landmark in Bangkok even today.

4 responses to “More Old Photos of Bangkok

  1. wow, i cant believe how Hua Lumpong was at that time.. there are something like 5 cars parked at the entrance and not taxis. nice!!

  2. Very remarkable photos of ancient Siam.
    King Rama V motocar must have been ordered from England during the rule of the British Empire in South-East Asia at that time.
    That motocar parade,Charlie Chaplin must have taken part as well.
    Looks like the forefathers of the Chinese immigrant to Siam must have started their fortune as rickshaw riders.
    These photos are hard to come by these days,great resource!

  3. More photos please!! Loving them.

  4. Thanks for posting such the wonderful pictures! It feels so good to have a chance to look back to the past.
    PS. I can’t believe that Hua Lampong is so old.